Last Time MBB Undefeated at Home

Submitted by Croatian_Blue on February 24th, 2012 at 12:39 PM

This Saturday, Michigan has a chance to go undefeated this season at the Crisler Center (fka Crisler Arena).

When was the last time this has happened? I tried to find out and the best answers I came up with were that we went 9-0 at home in `47-`48 and then had an undefeated B1G home record in `64-`65 (11-0). I assume there must be a more recent season, but maybe not.

Aside from all of this, I'm damn proud of this team and the fans.  Crisler has actually given us a noticeable home-court advantage for the first time in a while.




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Even way cooler is that if they win on Saturday(*knock on wood), the football and basketball teams will have gone undefeated at home. What a year for it to be my freshman year.


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Last time was 1976-77, according to the game notes for the Purdue game:

• As it stands with one home game remaining, Michigan (15-0) is listing as the third undefeated season at Crisler Center with the two others being a 14-0 record in 1976-77 and a 12-0 record in 1973-74.

• As it stands with one conference home game remaining, Michigan (8-0) is listing the fourth undefeated Big Ten season at Crisler Center with the three others being a 9-0 record in 1976-77; a 7-0 record in 1973-74 and a 7-0 record in 1971-72.

Also of note:

• Michigan's current 16-game winning streak at Crisler Center is the longest home win streak for U-M since winning 24-straight between the 1984-85 and 1985-86 seasons (Jan. 5, 1985 to Feb. 15, 1986).


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Look at all the top programs and coaches and they dominate at home.

Coach K, Self, and all the other tops take care of business at home.  To be a big time program you have to be near perfect at home.  If we want to be a NC team year-in-year-out then this needs to be what to expect at home moving forward.  If not then we will always be a step away from the big time players in college ball.


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Well we can kiss that goodbye now.  I'm sure the OP is the same guy who talks about no hitters in the fifth inning, the chance to shoot your lowest round in golf on the 16th hole or get your highest score in bowling in the 7th frame.  He probably also pays ZERO attention to where people are sitting or what he is wearing during a Michigan winning streak.  Everybody has to do their part (I myself make sure the surround sound is turned off and wear one of my Michigan basketball shirts) to ensure victory.

We are all going to have to pull together to undue the damage the OP has inflicted by talking about this prior to the game tomorrow.

Blue boy johnson

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I don't remember offhand but would be willing to bet Big Ten Basketball wasn't nearly as difficult in the 70's as it is now. You had Bob Knight and his great IU teams. Minnesota and Purdue had some good squads but I think  Ill, OSU, MSU and Iowa, were pretty meh. Northwestern and Wisconsin were just bad. 

MSU of course made a huge leap when Magic and Jay Vincent joined Greg Kelser in East Lansing in the late 70's