Last night tied the single season wins record

Submitted by BlueLikeJazz on March 23rd, 2018 at 10:14 AM

Last night's win gave the team 31 wins on the season, tying the school's single season record. The other two teams to reach 31 wins were the 2012-2013 Burke-led team and the 1992-1993 sophomore Fab Five team (both of which made it to the championship game).

No matter what happens tomorrow, this is an all-time great UM basketball team, but a win puts them as the all-time great, at least by this metric.

Not bad considering we were just hoping for a tourney berth back in November.



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not sure how many Michigan fans there were, but if I didn't know better, and just turned the game on, I could be convinced it was a home game. Loved the reaction to the bench players both on offense and defense


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It depends upon what would have happened the rest of the way.

Sorted by my approximation of relatively likelihood:

L vs ND, W vs Marquette: RPI 10
L vs ND, L vs Marquette: RPI 16
W vs ND, L vs Wichita State: RPI 10
W vs ND, W vs Wichita State: RPI 8


Blue in PA

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Just the other day Coach B said he asked the team, "Why not us? We work as hard as anyone, we are just as talented as anyone.  Why not us?"


Clearly the team believes it, and that is 1/2 the battle.   Execute like they did last night and it will take a flawless performance to beat us.




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A thread we would not be hijacking, ERRR commenting on if not for a miraculous last second shot by Poole. I know the commentators on the game last night said the same thing.

I think Destiny just might be with Belein. I can not think of a more deserving coach and team.

Michigan played so perfectly last night even the referees couldn't ruin it.

Blue in PA

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When they asked Coach B about Poole's shot, his reply was something along the lines of:  Do I feel a little guilty winning a game like that?  A little, but in 40 years of coaching you learn that things even out.  We lost games on shots like that and we won games on shots like that, in the end you get what you deserve.


They also asked how he felt after that win.  His reply was GOLD.


“There is relief after every victory of my life, I'm never happy. I'm just relieved. That's the sad part of my personality.”


SC Wolverine

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What a testimony to Coach Beilein's excellence as a leader, motivator, basketball schemer, and player developer.  I was able to be present for the preseason exhibition at Crisler, my first time at a live UM basketball game in years.  That team was so raw.  We didn't even know who would be the point guard and were banking on Wagner's skill and Matthews' athleticism.  Now, they are the whole package.  If they play their best, like last night, I don't know if there is a team in the country that can beat them.  Anything can happen, but this team has turned into a great one, for sure.


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on its last team to reach the Final Four and championship game. This time, if the team makes it, there will be none, and there is no question that this team is better defensively than that one.

When the last team went to the NCAA championship round, Michigan beat Florida in the Sweet 16 on a Sunday afternoon when it rained threes and the offense was running on all cylinders. The win over Texas A&M had that same feeling but better, especially because everyone seemed so worried --except the team and coach-- that shooting efficiency would return to the mean. Maybe last night, the contaigous good feeling and confidence that sparks good shooting, just overcompensated for the lack of three point success against Montana and Houston in Wichita.

In any case, variance, new building, greater focused energy from the crowd and floor performance keyed by locked-in defense set the tone early and then ignited the best scoring night of the year for Michigan; eight guys hit from behind the arc. Wow, just wow. Guess that puts to rest all the hand-wringing. 



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That may be (I'm particularly intrigued by Poole's potential, if he develops as other guys have with his toolset). But right now this team doesn't have a killer offensive talent, is only good-not-great at hitting 3s (sometimes it works, like last night, but we went a whole weekend in Wichita shooting ice-cold), and is built out of spare parts.

And still they win. Even dominating at times. With a PG that isn't a great distance shooter, and a SG that was a 2-star recruit, and a SF that is shaky from distance and turns the ball over too much, and a starting PF that never scores (backed up by a Division 3 transfer that only takes spot-up shots and was notorious coming into this year for being awful on defense) and a center who is a draft prospect but plays meh defense and disappears for long stretches.

And still they win.


The Maizer

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I wish timing was off by one game in the other direction. Get a last moment clutch shot in the Elite 8, rain threes in a crushing win in the Final Four, then pick apart a defensive team in the champ game. I don't think I can handle it if we lose to FSU when Simpson has a spectacular all-ball block that gets mistakenly called a foul and costs us the game, especially after Jaron Simmons comes in for him after two fouls and rains threes and tweets Kate Upton.

snarling wolverine

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31 total wins is nice, but teams play more games now than they used to, so it's an apples/oranges comparison.  The '89 (30 wins) and '93 (31 wins) teams didn't have a Big Ten Tournament to play.

We've made seven Final Fours in our history.  That's the standard of greatness.  Win tomorrow and there is no question this team is in the club.



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24-7 during the regular season

BTT Championship

3 seed in the tourney

31 wins

Elite Eight Appearance


Just a blind reading of the resume makes a strong case for a top 4-5 all time UM team.


But I also agree with Stephen. We've got plenty of time to debate this later. (Hopefully about 11 days from now)

snarling wolverine

March 23rd, 2018 at 1:31 PM ^

24-7 is good but not exceptional.  We did not win the B1G regular season, something we've done 14 times in our history.

The BTT has only existed since 1998, so comparing this team with the 80-some before that is apples/oranges in that regard.

A 3 seed - again - is good but not exceptional by our standards.  We've been a 1 and 2 seed before.  (And if you don't win in the tourney, no one cares what your seed was.)

We've been to the Elite Eight something like 13 times now.  

I think you underestimate just how good our basketball history actually is.  This is certainly a good year.  But if we lose tomorrow, our main legacy will be the BTT title.  Top 5 season all-time?  Not quite.  The seven Final Four teams automatically go ahead in my book.  But if we win tomorrow, we join that club.



Human Torpedo

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Of the debate what do you define as the best: Most dominant or most decorated? You see I think the 1993 and even 2013 would blow the doors off this team even as good as they are. But if we reach the Final Four or even win the National Championship, I think this team would have accomplished more than both even with just reaching the Final Four because they would have the Big Ten Tournament championship and would then have more wins overall