Laquon Treadwell visiting this weekend.

Submitted by kaykaybroke on February 7th, 2012 at 8:23 PM

Per ScoutMichigan, early 4 star wide reciever Laquon Treadwell is visiting this week.

Things had been cooling down on this front media wise, so good to see that there's still mutual interest from him. Probably our top option at WR for 2013.

*note he got offered by USC and OSU today, his recruitment has really blown up in the past few months.!/ScoutMichigan/status/167051143116107777






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but a buzzkill here.  Did you have a link or reference for the MSU visit?  I've seen Treadwell at the Big House earlier this year (I believe for the night game vs. ND), but it only makes sense that he would start looking at all schools.  What he'll see at MSU is a place that in no way compares to Michigan.  And a lot Whoo girls.


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"His recruitment has really blown up in the past few months."

This is why I trust Hoke & his staff so much when it comes to picking up lower ranked players like Khalid Hill so early in the process. It seems every prospect who is shown interest early in the process by the coaches has their recruitment "blow up." Honestly, the only time I haven't seen a kid's recruitment blow up after a Michigan offer and significant interest is when he commits early. There are always going to be some low ranked prospects who end up signing, but Hoke's success rate so far makes me much more comfortable with early commits like Hill.


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If "blown up" means getting more offers, than I agree...most people seem to respect the sanctity of a Michigan committment. I think Jeremy Clark is a good example of a kid who would have raked in more offers later on if he hadn't been solid Blue.

But if by blown up you mean getting big time press, I would argue. No one knew who Ben Braden was when he came aboard, and I don't think he got any more offers, but he turned an awful lot of heads after the fact.

Either way, I'm really with you. These coaches seem to share Beilein's gift for finding talent and pursuing it quickly. I have tremendous faith in them.


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Should make for a solid weekend with tuley tillman coming for the 5th visit. They come in pairs so hopefully We lock in two more solid offensive players


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I really like the kind of recievers we are recruiting. Faster guys may seem more flashy and exiting, but taller, more possession focused recievers will work great in this offense in my opinion. With Borges' passing schemes (route combinations, hot reads, etc), can you imagine Shane throwing to a stable of 6-3 recievers who catch most everything thrown at them? Borges can get these guys open with some experience in the scheme, great execution with possession recievers can make this offense machine-like in its effectiveness. Throw in a great running game, power or whatever else, and you have a damn good offense, especially to go along with a great defense.


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So what are our chances with him presently?  He seemed like an eventual commit when he got his offer last year, but then the whole Standifer decommit, and now he's got a ton of offers...are we still looking like the leader, or we fading into the pack?