Laquon Treadwell eliminates Michigan

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Down to Ole Miss, Oklahoma & Oklahoma State. Not unexpected but still disappointing he didn't make it to Michigan for an official visit for a final shot to change his mind.

Josh Helmholdt @JoshHelmholdt

#Sooners meet expectations for 5star WR Laquon Treadwell, who has trimmed his list to three schools

Josh Helmholdt @JoshHelmholdt

5star WR Laquon Treadwell has taken officials to #OU and #OleMiss. Now has 1 scheduled to #OKState



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Who wouldn't want to play in Oklahoma or Northern Mississippi. Beautiful landscape and very good schools academically with thriving economies.



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Agreed. Oklahoma gets cold in the winter. When that wind gets going, man worse than AA at times. That said for a WR OU or OSU are GREAT for NFL prep, it'd be more surprising for him not to look there. There's also something going on with Ole Miss this year, every year there seems to be a random hot recruiting school. This year it's Ole Miss. I've been saying for months this one's probably not going to go our way, best of luck to him.


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Where exactly did this recruitment go wrong? Obviously he favored us for a long time while maintaining he wanted to visit the Oklahoma schools. Then he said the Michigan coaches hadn't been in contact for a while and suddenly he's interested in Ole Miss. Am I missing something?


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nope.  it seems we didn't handle it well (not saying he's a prima donna, but maybe)

standifer withdraws his UM commit ... the comments are now gone, I don't know, but 

it was ND with the admissions-related decision (and he was totally upfront about that; so it's not as if he were BSing about UM)

standifer admits he didn't have enough foreign language for ND

and act III:

ess eee see

We will see how this plays out with Nyles Morgan...



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I think this staff chilled out on chasing him because like a lot of blue chip players who have a very me first attitude it gets to a point where you start wasting energy and time into something that maybe isn't the right fit to begin with.

I am not saying that Treadwell is a bad guy but he is 17 years old and all 17 year old kids are in need of molding. But when it starts looking like a guy is possibly going to disrupt team chemistry his attitude starts looking like its not worth the talent. It's one guy.

I am also not saying that the coaches think Treadwell is some horrible person but that He had a lot of me first mentality hence the comment that the Michigan coaches work showing him a enough love.

I think there comes a time when you have invested so much time into a particular person to show them how much you want them to be a part of your program and yet they still seem to want to look around while the rest of the team seems like damn near family already.

I know what a lot of people are going to say, but what about all the rest of these players like Dawson And McQuay and green that are all and have been on the fence for a long time. True but You have to admit that they have all been very up front or classy about it or in Dawsons case had a very real 17 year old moment, but none of them have acted quite the way Treadwell has.

Funny thing is if I were a kid like Treadwell that wanted to go to a major program that had a good school and was on the rise I think that Michigan would be easily in my top group if not the leader considering the depth chart.

There are very few positions in football where you can come in and be THAT GUY Neatly like you can at positions like receiver. And you would think that Treadwell would see he could step on to the field next year and start.

Just my two cents anyways

I Like Burgers

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Everyone keeps saying he had a "me first" attitude. What did he do specifically that drew those criticisms? Just seems like a kid that wanted to take his time and make sure he was sure if his decision. Wonder if he was an LB or some other non-stereotypical "diva" position if people would say the same thing?


December 16th, 2012 at 4:57 PM ^

Dude likes attention. It's been very obvious from his Twitter account for a long time. I mean, I don't have a Twitter account or visit Twitter more than once a month, and I know about his dramatic turns trying to rile up fan bases. But when I've said stuff along the lines of what EZMIKEP said here, everybody downvotes it. Maybe now that he's eliminated Michigan people around here will be willing to consider that this kid might just be a diva.

I Like Burgers

December 16th, 2012 at 8:44 PM ^

If you're basing someone's character solely off of things like Twitter feeds, you could probably call Shane Morris a "diva" too.  You don't amass 19k+ followers by not craving attention.  And yet, we're all cool with Shane, so what's the difference with Laquon?


December 16th, 2012 at 10:23 PM ^

I would try to explain the difference, but the only thing I know about Shane Morris's twitter is that he uses it to talk about Glee. Is he routinely dramatic? Does he pretend he's going to commit to different schools to rile people up? Does he dissimulate in any way to rile people up? I'd be happy to revise my opinion of him if you want to point me to some tweets where he does stuff like that. If not, maybe those questions can point you in the direction of what the difference is.


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Michigan gets four star (and sometimes five star) players at those positions as often as they do at other positions. Aside from the Rich Rod era when recruiting was a bit down across the board, Michigan is doing as well as they always have at those positions. Four stars and occasional but rare five stars.

Your post lacks an accurate context and is thereby hollow.


December 17th, 2012 at 7:47 AM ^

While I agree with the premise of your post, I don't think all of your examples fit that description.  David Terrell was regarded as one of the prize recruits in that top-rated 1998 class, along with Drew Henson.  He came to Michigan with a lot of hype and pretty much lived up to it almost from the start.

The other two players definately fit better with your idea of not knowing what we have until we get them on the field.  Mario Manningham was regarded as talented, but raw out of HS.  Edwards was a meh 3 star legacy with little expectations and frankly played that way for the first 2 and a half years of his college career.