Land of 10 Expecting Lots of TDs from Shea Patterson

Submitted by SkyPanther on May 25th, 2018 at 2:14 AM

Land of 10--Michigan is expecting more than 23 TD passes from Shea Patterson this year.



After just 9 TD passes last year, that would certainly be MORE than welcome.


Lots of blame for last years painful passing game was put on the QBs, the receivers, and the O Line, in other words, the players. Not much was placed on the coaching. I personally don't think that was completely fair. The passing game looked dysfunctional most of the time. And wouldn't the coaching share some of the blame for that? Seems they should....


Either way, forgetting last year would be good. 23 TD passes would do it for many fans.


26 second video of Shea Patterson's first TD pass in college:  Yes, that was his first TD pass in college.


May we see this type of excitement in some plays this year at Michigan!




Gentleman Squirrels

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It's a running thing that Land of 10 has where they take opposing viewpoints on any future possibility related to Michigan Football.

The article above is written by Sean Keeler, while Chris Howard writes the other. Link


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threw for more TD's than Michigan.

Air Force 10; GA Tech 10; Navy 10 and then these powers with more UNCC 10; Rutgers 11; Ball St 11; Ore St 11; Tulane 12. So, yes the coaches do need to take some blame as well as the players.


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Wow, that is brutal. Not that we needed it but just one more note that puts it into perspective. Amazing we won 8 games.

I really hope Shea can deliver 2 tds a game. We would have had 11 wins last year, if we had that at QB. The only game I don't think we would have won, even with average QB play, was the Penn St game.


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Yep and is sure seems that Coach Harbaugh has acknowledged that the coaching was not good enough. And when there is THAT much dysfunction it can be hard to know as a fan exactly what went wrong inside of the coaching room. So, I'm going to trust the guy who has coaching in his veins and has done it at the highest level to know who needed to stay and who needed to go...

So Pep stays and will be under a very bright light this year along w JH and the rest of the O staff..but I'm sure he and JH know this already. As a fan, I'm pulling for him and the O staff to make that 180. 


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Coaches definitely need to take some of the blame. There was questionable playcalling at times, no doubt. But ultimately it’s on the players to go out there and execute. And I saw way too many wide open receivers be overthrown and I saw too many wide open WRs not even be targeted by the QB to put a whole lot on the coaches in that area.

At the end of the day, the QB play was just bad. Good coaching is only going to do so much. You can lead a horse to water. It was a collection of bad on multiple levels in regards to the passing game, but I don’t think good coaching was going to fix a whole lot (see: OSU gameplan failed to be executed by O’Korn)


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Remember we played 3 QBs last year, with 3rd string getting the most starts. Tough to coach your way past that, albeit nearly did against OSU.


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We haven’t had a legit top QB option in a while. We have a lot of talent at WR. I’m expecting a much better offense than we saw last year.


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thanks for the clip. it annoyed me when he said "Johnny Manziel...." i get the comparison, but calm down on that. let player x be player x. we don't always have to say oh he's the next whomever. this was his first td pass ever. let the kid grow into himself. now get off my lawn! (rant directed at media, in no way directed at you OP. good post)


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not the Johnny comparison. I'd take that all day and twice on Sunday. the need to annoint someone immediately as the next whomever. let the person be them. that's all. if that's my biggest problem today, then I'm going to have a good day.


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Like my wife and sister say, "It's better if you start with low expectations so you don't end up disappointed."

I think she was talking about going to the movies.

Perkis-Size Me

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Well I hope he can throw even just an average amount of TDs. There were three separate service academies who through more TD passes than Michigan did last year. SERVICE ACADEMIES. 

It's painful to note that getting just average QB play last year probably wins every game except for Penn State and maybe Wisconsin. 

Oh Deer

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Not much blame was placed on the coaches for last year?? Has SkyPanther spent any time on this site? I think the blame has been pretty well allocated to ALL of the responsible parties.


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Every time 9 TDs is brought up, it's always: "The O Line didn't pass block well. The QBs didn't get of the ball out quick enough. There were guys open, but the QBs didn't see them. The running backs didn't pass block good enough. If the O Line blocks better this season, the QBs will do better. The wide recevers dropped a lot of passes. Why was Crawford ever a starter? Tarik Black went out early, or things would have been different. Etc, etc, etc."


There has been a constant drum beat of blame on the players.


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20+ would be good. I think the WR's will have a lot to prove and I'm hoping take a big step forward. They graded out as one of the lowest units last year. Now that there is actual coaching for them I'm hoping for good things. 

23 passing TD's and this team probably wins at least 10 games. There still is a lot of "depends" and "remains to be seen" things on the offensive side of the ball. But if things come together even a little bit, I think the offense can be pretty good.