Lance Dixon does NOT cancel visit to Michigan -- because he didn't have one set up to begin with

Submitted by Gentleman Squirrels on June 17th, 2018 at 5:11 AM

I've been really confused ever since Bluey started that board post that Dixon was cancelling his OV to Michigan because there were absolutely no insiders corroborating that story on twitter. Last night Dixon cleared it up himself by saying that he never had an OV to start with:


When did I have an official to Michigan setup?

— 𝒜 𝒞 𝐸 ¹ᵏ (@Lance__Dixon) June 17, 2018


He may not have Michigan as his leader and maybe he's not coming to Michigan next weekend. But at least lets get our facts straight that he's not cancelling his OV and disregarding Michigan completely hereafter. He's an excellent player and the most natural VIPER(!) prospect we are recruiting. I expect Don Brown and co to put the full court press on him until he signs. And even if he commits to Penn State, it wouldn't be the first time we stole a Michigan player back from them (LaVert Hill and Quinn Nordin).



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It truly is a shame that Harbaugh can't even get these recruits to accept then cancel their officials anymore. What a way to piss 7 million a year down the drain. Am I doing this right Bluey? 

Goggles Paisano

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This looks like an example of a kid that wants to leave the State to see something else.  I totally understand that.  There is a world out there outside of the Detroit area.  This seems more to do with that than Michigan failing here to keep the kid home.  


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Locking down instate recruits is important, I get that. But when you're recruiting well elsewhere, it's just not that big of a deal and you're just looking for something to complain about. If we had a top 3 class of all out of state kids and got zero in state kids, people would still find a way to complain about it


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Why am I not surprised that the retraction/correction DIDN'T come from the useless troll who started it and then didn't spend a damn minute confirming.

Yes, he never planned an official, and because places like 247 don't feel it worthwhile to confirm about their stuff, they instead post a click-baity "correction" to a mistake they created.

I say all the time that I should stop following recruiting because it is just weird getting worked up over what high-schoolers may or may not do, and yet I get sucked into every dumb thread.


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This is priceless. Well what do you know? Maizen is a troll. Now can we please do as I suggested in his ridiculous thread and ban him? How is that thread still up? 


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Tell yourselves whatever you need to in order to justify the clock cleaning we are taking in-state right now. If that makes me the bad guy so be it. People will defend anything they have a personal attachment to.


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#MadOnline .. the act is tired.  If you’re this miserable being a Michigan fan, please spread the negativity elsewhere.  Are things perfect?  Nope.  Are they nearly as bad as you make them out to be?  Also nope.  We got it, you don’t like Harbaugh.  Consider yourself thoroughly heard on the topic.  


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I like Harbaugh, I just don't like his recruiting over the past 12 months. Please don't twist my words or what I'm saying. Do I think a big year can turn things around? Absolutely. Do I think as things sit right now and looking at how things are tracking in certain recruitments UM is in trouble? Yes I do. I guess that opinion makes people uncomfortable.


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Nothing I said was wrong. I said Dixon canceled his visit PER STEVE LORENZ. I said UM is going to miss out on him and they are. Reading is hard I know. Speaking of triggered, don't you have some more posters to call cunts and tell to fuck off? No way you are older than 16. Oh, and stop e-stalking me, it's creepy. 


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Your entire premise yesterday was based on an instate recruit that cancelled his OV. He was our first option at viper and now it was very unlikely we get him because he cancelled his visit. You should remember that was you point as it was just yesterday. Now it turns out he didn’t cancel anything and your point is still the same-that we are struggling with recruiting. That tells me you didn’t care about how you came to your conclusion, it was already a predetermined point. This is why you’re a troll and a shitty person. You have the talking point already locked and loaded to argue and it doesn’t matter what actually happens, you just keep saying it over and over until you’re wrong. Then, when you’re wrong, you just switch names and find something else to bitch about. I’m super happy though. When you did this with Beilein, we proceeded to go to the national championship. My question to you is what happens when we do? You always said you really wanted Beilein to succeed, you were just keeping it real so it him and you were totally a Michigan fan. Then he made the national championship game and you disappeared. I’m hoping you do the same with football you worthless prick


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Lol, there’s the Maizen we all know and dislike. You would think being called out in a national story about Beilein as being a shitty, delusional fan would stop your trolling, but here you are. It’s how I know you never went to Michigan and are a fan of either MSU or OSU. Also, fuck off


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You said the same thing when you were posting as Maizen. I called you out as a shitposter and you said you were never going to talk to me again. Now you are saying it again as someone different. I still have the same name and I’m not forced to post under a different name because my opinions are worthless. You still troll on a rival’s message board and are a dissapppintment to your family. Nothing has changed since you said the exact same thing with the basketball team.


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Viewing this on my phone is weird. Instead of the comments getting more and more narrow to the right of the screen, they are getting more and more narrow to the left. One thing that hasn’t changed with the new site is that Maizen/Bluey is still an insufferable bore. Oh no, I made an ad hominem attack against someone who regularly attacks the program! Someone get a mod!


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and like a 2-year old, you come running to the board and go "bad news, bad news" like the maizen / bluey posts always are


you contribute nothing to this board except that of a person who hates Harbaugh and goes out of your way to bitch about him - go back to RCMB Sparty Troll


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You’re miserable.  That cannot be scouted.  You always bring bad news on time and sometimes you get that wrong.  When you get emotional your tummy starts hurting and you cramp up.  Take two Blue Rolaids and the doctor wants you to admit yourself into oblivion, tape your hands together and just pray for another team to come pick you up!  

SMart WolveFan

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Yup I'm personally attached to all of Harbaugh's little 3 star underachievers and will root them on all the way to "the Game" and smile when they stomp'em, even if it's only another 8 win season....and, yup, I'll be back rooting the next year too.

I also have a personal attachment to metro detroit players since I'm from the area so I wish Dixon, Dobbs, Wilson and all the rest best of luck, stay healthy, lose to Michigan and don't be a Trojan.


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Just my humble opinion but posters like maizen bluey have ruined this board.

It's kind of strange that a lot of the long time users have been banned or sent to Bolivia while the cockroaches have been left to infest the message board.  Makes no sense.

The quality of posts and posters on mgoblog is at an all time low and for some reason no one is willing to do anything about it. 

Oh well, I guess the maizen/bluey assholes have won.  Congrats.