LaMarr Woodley Opening K-8 School in Saginaw

Submitted by BursleyHall82 on April 23rd, 2018 at 9:53 AM

Following in Jalen Rose's footsteps, LaMarr Woodley is opening a tuition-free K-8 charter school in his hometown of Saginaw this fall called the Woodley Leadership Academy.

LaMarr has always given back to the community, and now he's taking it a huge step further. It's always nice when athletes write checks for good things, but starting a school takes an extra level of commitment. The Woodley Leadership Academy will focus on "identifying and nurturing the leadership potential of its students."

Way to go, LaMarr. Leaders and best.



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Very cool indeed, and reading about some of the things that are going to be core to the school, it sounds like it will be an awesome place.

The EMU Charter Schools Office is behind some of the more interesting schools in the Detroit area really - Global Tech in Ypsilanti, the Detroit Public Safety Academy and several others. They are all pretty small but have some intriguing missions and visions. 


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This is great news.  Jalen is getting fantastic results in training young men and women to be strong, dedicated, and independent.  I hoe Woodley gets the same if not better results.  This is badly needed since education standards have gone nowhere but down since the 1970s and probably earlier.

Perkis-Size Me

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Surprised no one has said this yet, but I'm proud to be the first: "Guns don't kill people. LaMarr Woodley kills people."

In all seriousness though, this is awesome. A great football player and a better man. 


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Uber-talended Saginaw footballers from a similar vintage (early 2000s grads):

MSU -- Charles Rogers

Michigan -- LaMarr Woodley

Meaured in their respective post-football contributions to society, "leader and best" really starts to stand out.

I know Charles had a rough go of it growing up, but LaMarr wasn't exactly on easy street. He came out of Michigan as somebody whose worldview had been very positively impacted by his collegiate environment.




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Couple things - I worked with Charles Rogers’ mom during a summer between semesters and she was just a terrible human being; it’s really no wonder he turned out like he did.

also, i raced against him in the 200 once in high school and i’ve never felt so demoralized before or

since. he was bigger, stronger and almost a full 2 seconds faster than me and the rest of the field. dude was a freak athlete with a 2 cent head


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Oh, not at all. Let's look at it this way, if people would like an opinion on it...

1) It will begin with a debate on the overall merits of the joke, taking into account the admittedly overplayed "father-daughter" trope in Western humor and the societal problems of violence in on and so forth. In other words, whether or not you found it funny, it is ultimately a debate which will go nowhere and do nothing to advance dialogue. 

2) Inevitably, someone will make a remark about gun control and the Second Amendment, and whatever your personal take on the issue, there's no way it will end well on this blog. My Twitter and the Mod Sticky will come alive with links to the worst of the hot takes in all major schools of thought on this and the thread would go anyway. 

If that's what you want on MGoBlog, that's weird.