Lacrosse Team One Open Thread

Submitted by M-Dog on April 14th, 2012 at 1:56 PM

Lacrosse Team One Open Thread v. Ohio State.

Big things ahead.  We're like the people that got to watch the first Michigan football team . . . "What is this odd yet interesting sport, 'ole chap?"



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My good fellow, it's like hockey and football. throw in a little bit of that european football that they play on the other side of the Atlantic and you've got this cracker jack new game they've been playing in New England for about 4 scores and five years. 


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I urge all of you to watch this game! They might not win (it's highly improbable) but lacrosse is an awesome sport and I'd love to see more people get into it. 

It's really growing strong in the state of Michigan. I would urge you to start your kids early, which is easy because there are tons of leagues and camps for the little guys.


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So far BTN is infinitely better than tWWL at covering Lacrosse.  I have watched a half dozen games on ESPN and been utterly confused every time.  In the first quarter, BTN has taught me 2 things.  1) What the heck a ground ball is and; 2) Who gets possession when the ball goes over the end line.  


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Commenting that it is helpful when commentators explain rules, especially in a game like lacross that is not well known. Add to that the fact this is the first time any of us have had any reason to watch this sport, I think btn needs to explain some rules that are perhaps basic. By team 5 or 10 a michigan lacross broadcast may not need that.


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I completely understand, sorry, I didn't mean to come off as a dick. I think it's great how they explain the rules too. I was saying if he'd want any explanations then, in addition to the commentators, there are also some of us here willing to explain them in full.


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To be fair to ESPN, a lot of people say just the opposite: "I wish I could watch lacrosse without Quint explaining every rule all the time."  Their audience consists much more of longtime fans than this one.

Avant's Hands

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So Ohio St. is Div I then? I usually only pay attention to lacrosse when they get to national quarters or so and I don't remember seeing OSU do well, so are they a good team? Why are we big dogs in this game?