Lacrosse Stuns #4 Notre Dame, 13-12, For First Ever Win Over the Irish

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UPDATE: Michigan pulled off a huge upset over #4 Notre Dame today in South Bend for its first ever win over a top 5 team and its first ever win over their rivals the Irish. Brent  Noseworthy had SIX (!) goals for Michigan, including a GREAT behind-the-back finish in the first half.  Chase Young, Decker Curran and Kevin Mack also added some clutch 2nd half goals and Tommy Heidt was terrific in goal. Michigan never trailed.

This is the biggest win in program history for Michigan and could really set the tone for the second half of the season.  GO BLUE!!!!!! AGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!


Conry's boys get their toughest test yet as they head into South Bend to take the #4 Notre Dame Fighting Irish. It'll be on ESPN3/ACC Network this afternoon at 4.  I hate that timing but I'm snowed in here in DC so it actually works out - I'll be watching!

This could actually be something of a trap game for ND (as much as ND-Michigan in anything can be considered a trap game) - they're coming off an emotional St. Patrick's Day win against Virginia and they are likely more worried about going into Columbus to play Ohio State this weekend. Michigan is of course not expected to win but  I'm sure as hell rooting for an upset. This is probably the best Michigan team Notre Dame has ever faced.

I watched the Virginia game the other day so I actually have something of a scouting report to offer aside from their recent wins and losses and general guys to look out for.

So, ND is very good, but a bit overrated. They're not as good as in past years and I think they're vulnerable to an upset (they did struggle with Detroit and Richmond early on). Offensively, they can score quick and in bunches and Michigan has to be ready to stop the runs if they want to keep it close. Their dudes on attack, Garnsey and Wynne, are tiny but they are quick and they can score. Those are two huge matchups for Michigan's defense; they have to play great on-ball D and be ready to come with quick, strong slides.  

ND's defense was pretty strong as well and they kept Virginia without scoring for several long stretches. Mack and Buckanavage will be relied upon to create and Michigan really needs Noseworthy to have a big game finishing on offense. ND also has an excellent long stick middie, Johnny Sexton, who made some clutch takeaways down the stretch against UVA. He'll likely be checking Curran and he'll be dangerous on faceoffs and in transition.

I was also struck by how sloppy the game was in general.  Both teams threw the ball away a lot and there were a lot of loose ball scrums. Ground balls will be crucial in this one and Michigan better be ready to fight for them.  

Michigan dropped close games to two good teams so far this year. But they had leads in both and couldn't close it out. If they can hang around today and finish strong they might be able to pull the upset. It would be the biggest win for this program to date.  And it sure would be nice to stick it to the Irish.  GO BLUE!!!



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I'll be watching as well, should be a good barometer for how far this team has come.  The last trip to south bend did not go well, losing 15-6.  Face-off play and possessions in general will be key to keeping Michigan in the game to start, allowing them to build up some confidence.  Against Penn and Yale, the score was close at the end of the 3rd, but they each pulled away in the 4th.  

And I agree, ND is overrated this year.  Not the same team they've been the past few years.  


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I watched them beat a damn good Denver team. I'll be there today as well because it's faculty/staff appreciation day. I hope Michigan pulls out the surprise win.


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Heidt had a really good day on Saturday. We need a good game from the keeper as well. I agree a win is not expected but this would be a great upset. 

L'Carpetron Do…

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not a bad start for M.  Still some sloppiness in there.  GBs are crucial.  DeCaprio had 3 chances at a ball after a big save by Heidt and couldn't get it.  ND didn't score on that posession but it was right after a penalty- those are big plays Michigan needs to make if they want to reduce possessions and opportunities by ND.


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First quarter looked decent on offense, but could have been much worse on defense.  ND is getting some very quality looks from their attack, and we're having trouble clearing.  Picking up some penalties too.  


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Our faceoff guy is good at getting it but looks so terrible and uncomfortable with the ball in his stick they consistently can't take advantage and give up bad turnovers


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Good win, looked noticably more organized and better than when I saw them last year. Looks like they got a good coach.

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WOW. So it was  a slog for most of the game and then the 4th was a dogfight.  Michigan's face offs in the 2nd half were great and they actually turned the ball over a lot after getting posession. Michigan still made a couple of weird/bad mistakes and the Irish dominated in the groundball game and got some ref help and  they STILL came away with the win! I love it!

The story of this game was Michigan's patience on offense. ND has one of the best defenses in the country and Michigan didn't make many unforced mistakes.  Noseworthy was unreal in the clutch - you can't give that guy an inch or the ball will be in the back of the net in the blink of an eye.

ND was sloppy.  They were careless with the ball and didn't have much of a purpose on offense for most of it.  They did hit a couple of huge posts and missed some point-blank shots but at the same time their last few goals were circus shots, garbage goals and mistakes by Michigan.  OUr boys outplayed them on that end of the field.


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Loved the patience on offense. If we can not give up so many possessions and work on getting it in after winning the FO, this team could win a few in the B1G.


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Obligatory to hell with Notre Dame! Tiddlywinks, tic-tac-toe, Shoots-N-Ladders.... I don't care what the game is, every time Notre Dame loses an angel gets its wings.