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Many D1 lacrosse programs are already deep into their 2016 classes.  Inside Lacrosse just published their top 25 sophomores, and I was very pleasantly surprised to see a UM commit in the top 10.  This is a major step forward for such a young program without wins or facilities yet.  All the other top 10 kids who are committed are going to the usual suspects.

Quick google found an Adams highlight film.  Kid looks young (he is what, 15?), but very slick.



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I think that's part of the story, but out East it's also pretty high-school based.    Everyone knows which schools and travel teams have the best players.  The list isn't that long.  And since the list of both pipelines and top college teams is so short, it's a very oligarchical sport, which makes competition for recruits awfully fierce.  It's always the same few schools all trying to get a leg up on each other, which really pushes the cycle forward.

Space Coyote

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And someone can probably easily correct me, and maybe it was this, but I think Michigan is actually pulling in some pretty good recruiting classes. I know there are a few that really follow lacrosse, I am not one of them, but for some reason that sticks in my memory, albeit fuzzily. 


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I think the young man just committed this week as it was news on one of the lacrosse websites. Seemed like a great pick up from their tone in the article and I'd say that's confirmed by his top 10 ranking here


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Jamie Munro (who used to be the Denver coach) was raving about this kid earlier this week.  He plays for a powerhouse program and looks very good.  His highlights looked a bit like summer ball to me (cause it was), as a lot of defenders were playing with flat feet, etc., but there is no question the kid has some serious skills.  His hand/eye coordination is great and he can catch the ball at crazy angles near the crease and get off a quick shot on cage.  Would love to see him in some non-summer league games playing at full speed. 

Regardless though, this is a huge pickup for JP.  I've said all along that the hardest thing to recruit for him will be elite attack, and a top 10 recruit at attack can do wonders for a program.  One Peter Baum, Mark Matthews or even Logan Schuss type could really elevate the team quickly. 


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will be in for this weekend's recruiting visit.  the youngest son of my brother who played ball at northwestern, and grits his teeth and roots for michigan since i played hockey here.  would love to see him wearing blue and gold, is a tremendous talent and and equally good young man.