Lacrosse Beats Marquette 12-7, Now 5-2

Submitted by L'Carpetron Do… on March 17th, 2018 at 8:51 AM

Michigan has another chance for a solid win today when they take on Marquette at the South State Street facility at 3 PM.  I know, I know, the tournament is on and who gives a damn about anything else but if the weather isn't too bad out there and you want to get outside, go check it out.  It will also be streamed on BTN Plus.

Marquette is a well-coached team and is one of those teams that seems to have big upside but is also capable of getting upset. Coach Joe Amplo came very close to becoming Michigan's  coach in the offseason last year and his Marquette teams have become frequent tournament participants. And at the beginning of the season this game looked like a loss or, at best, a toss-up.  After an upset loss to Bellarmine (albeit two days after they took down Ohio State) and an inexplicable 12-2 drubbing at the hands of Roger Morris, this game is firmly in toss-up territory.  It would be a big win for Michigan.

Conry has his MIchigan boys playing well and this is a crucial time for them. They should be more comfortable in the defensive scheme by now and this is the time to come together as a team and learn how to compete. Michigan received some votes in the polls last week and another win should put them in the Top 20. They'll be 5-2 and it will give them a lot of confidence going into South Bend next week. GO BLUE!

EDIT:  The women also take on Ohio State at noon beforehand so check that out as well! Bac-to-back/doubleheader at the new facility!

UPDATE: Michigan jumped out to a 6-1 first quarter lead and never looked back.  Marquette made a few runs to keep it within striking distance but Michigan never let them threaten.  Freshman Kevin Mack had 5 goals and Noseworthy added a bunch as well. Didn't get to watch it but seemed like a good defensive effort and all-around effort from Michigan. 

Big win- Michigan could be ranked this week when the polls come out on Monday. But they get their biggest test of the year on Wednesday when they travel to South Bend to play #4 Notre Dame.  

With the women's victory over Ohio State, this is a great start to a big day for Michigan sports.  Hope basketball and wrestling can take care of business tonight too!  GO BLUE!!!



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There's a few Michigan games televised this year.

The men's game against Notre Dame this coming Wednesday will be on the WatchESPN app.

The women's game against Northwestern this coming Friday will be on BTN.

After that, four of the Big Ten conference games for the men are on TV (3 on BTN, 1 on ESPNU), starting with the Maryland game March 31 on BTN.

The women's game against Maryland is also on BTN that day. The women will play on BTN two more times after that.


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What a game by the women’s team, beating Ohio State. Their first win at home and first ever big ten win. They had a few disappointing games so far this year, but this will really help build their confidence. And important for the new coach to show the players some progress.


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Great effort although there are still a few things to clean up. A number of penalties and a few giveaways when they should be killing the clock. Tough to tell how good that Marquette team is, they are missing their top scorer and FOGO. But can’t complain about a decisive victory.


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Conry is putting his stamp on the team. Hoping he puts us on an upward trajectory. It’s a tough conference. Hoping we can take ND in their house. Doing a great job on home turf. Ohio St has been beatable, losing to Marquette and squeeking by Jacksonville and Detroit Mercy. Let’s get a W in the toilet right before their football spring game.