Labor Day Games Open Thread

Submitted by Jeff on September 6th, 2010 at 4:39 PM

On tap for later tonight is the big one, Boise State vs. Virginia Tech.  Right now Maryland is leading Navy 14-0.

I've liked Navy but have not been as big a believer in them as many others.  Most of their wins come against the bottom third of 1-A competition.  However, most people thought Maryland would be in or close to the bottom third of 1-A teams.  The only reason they weren't firing Friedgen is for money reasons.

I know it's early in the game and the season, but is Maryland not going to be terrible this year?

My ESPN Streak for the Cash pick said that Navy would win by more points than Maryland scores TDs + FGs.  We'll see how that works out.



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of hearing how VT is going to bust out. Every year, they have "all the pieces finally together" and they blow several important games. Until they prove me wrong, I'm ready for the team that actually has an impressive resume (in recent years, at least) to blow Tech away big-time.


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The mid-major thing is getting annoying.  These teams beat somebody good out-of-conference, then all they have to do to make the BCS is beat the 7 or 8 cupcakes on their league schedule.  If they start off the year with a high-ranking then a top-10 finish is practically a self-fulfilling prophecy. 


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[Repost of my response from another BSU discussion]


Sure, but the Broncos still might just be one of the best teams in the country.*  They are doing all that they can in scheduling two OOC games with good teams in VT and OSU (NTOSU), and moving to a better conference.  

Because they have done so well recently, teams are not lining up to play them (same chance of losing as against other top programs, without the cachet of beating a Florida or a Texas).  Also, because of their small stadium (about 36K, looking to expand into 50-60K), home-and-home games are not very appealing to big time programs.

People also forget that while it is true that they don't play as many quality opponents, they also have a far smaller margin of error in getting to the BCS.  A Big Ten, SEC or Big 12 team can lose one or sometimes two games and still play for the NC.  BSU has to be undefeated and win convincingly every game.

Just some food for thought.


* - In the interests of full disclosure, I just moved to Boise about 6 months ago, so it is hard not to pull for BSU.

Chad Sexington Henne

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I live in Northern Virginia and I'm surrounded by Tech fans. TV Casters and newspaper writers are usually gaga over Tech, but this year I think they've mellowed out. Even my fan friends, for the most part are expecting Tech to lose. But, I'm tired too of Virginia Tech being perenially overrated.


September 6th, 2010 at 7:51 PM ^

I'm sick and tired of hearing about what a great football team the Boise State Broncos have. I'm sick and tired of hearing about their cupcake, creampuff schedule.
On the other hand VT is 1-25 or something against Top 5 opposition. The only win was at home against Miami. All-time, away from Lane Stadium, VT is 0-22.

VT has been notorious for that choke that ends their national championship hopes...but the real reason I want BSU to lose other than being a VT alumnus...if they win this game, and beat Oregon State, you can circle them in for the National Championship. And that's something I do not want to see. I don't want to see them just glide into the championship because they scheduled cupcakes and went undefeated.

So today is a huge chance to knock Boise State off that championship talk early. :)


September 6th, 2010 at 5:00 PM ^

I always have loved me some triple option.  Such a powerful offense when ran properly.  There are only a few head coaches in football that still run it so it is generally very effective and fun to watch.


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I would love to see BSU win by one and both teams then run the table.  If everyone else has two losses, the BCS could be stuck with a rematch for their MNC game.  Why would I love to see this?  Because there would probably be at least a "plus one" by next year.  After a "plus one," it's only a matter of time before a real playoff and a real champion.


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I have been surprised by the speed of the backs on both sides. Been an exciting game so far

I thought that 3rd and 18 conversion with the fullback was loltastic


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Wow.  Navy looks like it scored but WAIT, fumble at the goal line again.  They have fumbled at the 6, 2 and now 1 yard line on their last three possessions.  By that trend, the rest of their drives should end in a touchdown.

Maryland gets the ball on their 1 yard line.


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I'll be rooting for VT, but I don't think they'll win. They always lose games like this and apparently their D has been very suspect in practice. Boise State is pretty damn good.


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LET'S GO NAVY!   these turnovers are very unlike Navy, especially for Dobbs.  Having said that, the guy should be a Heisman candidate at some point this year.  


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Two passes in a row for Navy.  That is mostly unheard of for them.  I think series on which they don't throw a single pass are more common than times that they throw twice.


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No he didn't get in - they destroyed that play.  Would have liked to see get it wider to the left side but they obviously thought it would work.

Zone Left

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What's everyone's take on Musberger's average BAC?  I'm going with .14, tipsy but not quite drunk.

Edit: Why are Herbie and Musky standing in front of a bluescreen introducing the game?


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what a bizarre series of three. Boise doesn't get called for an extremely late unsportsmanlike, VT sucks them in with a pass interference and then the fumbled snap gives it to BSU


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Wow. Ok.  You guys posted at 8:21pm that Boise got a TD.  It's 8:28pm here and they only just scored the TD.  7 minute delay?  WTF?  Didn't realize satellite caused that much of a delay.  Remind me not to read the board while watching a Michigan game.