Kylee Botterman wins "Gymnastics Equivalent of Heisman"

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With all the manball-womanball discussion lately, seems this deserves a mention:  Michigan senior gymnast Kylee Botterman won the AAI Award at the NCAA Women's Gymnastics Championships, appropriately enough at the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame.

"Considered the sport's equivalent of the Heisman Trophy, Botterman was chosen for the award as the top senior student-athlete in NCAA Division I women's gymnastics. Two Wolverines have previously been finalists for the award -- Janessa Grieco (2000-03) in 2003 and Elise Ray (2001-05) in 2005 -- but no Michigan gymnast has ever won the honor."

She's already been named the Big Ten and NCAA Northeast Regional Gymnast of the Year.  She and the rest of the 6th-ranked Wolverines will begin competing in the NCAA championship weekend tomorrow.

 Kylee Botterman

EDIT:  And, in the interests of equality, the #6-ranked men's team (last year's NCAA champions), placed third in their qualifying round today, sending them on to tomorrow's NCAA finals.

UPDATE:  Michigan Alum/Olympic Star Elise Ray is commentator for the live video!



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There are plenty of true blue Wolverine fans here in Cleveland.  Let's lighten up on the "enemy territory" crap.  This is where some of our best football players come from, when we get them at least.

Congrats to Kylee on her "Heisman."  I heard that the NCAA Gymnastics championship was in town, but I didn't know a Wolverine was going to pick up some awards.

Can't stay in Cleveland for any gymnastic shenanigans.  Hitting the road at 1:00 for Ann Arbor and the Spring Game.  Let's.  Go.  Blue!!!

Hardware Sushi

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Maybe I read it differently, but I saw the word badass used twice to describe her. Sarcasm? Potentially, but I thought it seemed to be a positive or, at worst, a somewhat innocuous comment.

If I were a gymnast and people said I was a badass, I would take it as a compliment.


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In all seriousness, I think we all want every team at Michigan to be the best in their respective sport. I would hope that whatever trophy comes with this award gets a prominent place in whatever awards gallery is re-constructed after the Crisler renovation.


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What happened:

 Kylee Botterman won the AAI Award as the NCAA's top female gymnast.


And why.  (These are from previous competitions.)

From Dec.  2008... .(Photo Said Alsalah/Daily) 



Jan. 2011: 10-point vault (i.e., perfect)   (UM Athletic dept. photo)


Feb. 2011 (photo Joy Van Buhler):


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The first session of the Friday team semifinals seems to be over. Michigan finishes in second, which qualifies them for Saturday's team finals as the top three teams in each group advance. It looks like Kylee also had the top all-around for this session also. Trish Wilson seems to also have tied for the top uneven bars score in this session. Scores still are not finalized yet.