Kyle Turley at it Again...

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Kyle Turley is certainly a homer for SDSU. That said it seems he just cannot get over his issues with Hoke and how he apparently (per Hurley) left SDSU.


Props to MVictors for a great find... Audio Clip from his appearance on Rome. I agree with Greg, how odd that he also gives big props to Steve Fisher in the same interview.



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Alright, a few things for Turley:


-Brady Hoke didn't come to Michigan for money.

-What conference is SDSU in? Let's not be overdramatic in terms of their potential.

-The BSU of the west coast? I suppose it's not incorrect but I would consider Boise generally located on the west coast

-USC is all of a sudden a joke in comparison to SDSU? Sorry, but it will take years for that to happen.

-Uh, SDSU didn't make it to the Final Four. For being such an outspoken Alumn, I would have thought you would pay more attention. They lost two rounds before that.




Zone Left

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I'm going to defend a couple of Turley's assertions here (can't believe I just wrote that).

1. Boise is about 500 miles from the coast, which makes them about as West Coast as Ohio State is East Coast. The distances out west are deceiving.

2. SDSU has huge potential. SoCal is a really talent-rich area, SDSU is a pretty good school, has hot coeds, and is in a great location. They play in the Mountain West, which just lost its three best teams and added Boise State. If they can retain a solid coach, there's no reason they can't become the next Utah. Geographically speaking, there's a lot more potential in San Diego than in Utah.


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That guy is beyond lame.  Hoke came for the money?  Hey Kyle, I think you took a few too many shots to the head during your career.  USC and UCLA are jokes and SDSU will start to dominate...yah right

I was wondering if Rome would stand up for Hoke, but he was too busy kissing the butt of his guest.


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Thank you. So, so much. 

Jim Rome has always come off to me as a terrible person who deserved five seconds with the people he tears apart, even when I was in middle school and guys were all mocking each other anyway. 

Btw, fellow Cardinal here--heading back down to Stu West in a couple of weeks.


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Heard that interview this afternoon, soon after Stu from Manhattan who is a U of M Grad I believe sends an email to Rome and completely destroys Turley's argument. It's unbelievable how bitter Turley still is about Hoke leaving, then again he is a lunatic. Rome was kissing Turley's ass but said he definitely understood why Hoke left.


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Kyle Turley is clearly trying to make an example on behalf of the players association of the NFL of why their members need lifetime medical coverage for head injuries. 


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There's a thread about this on Bucknuts and I almost paid the $99 to join so I could respond to some of those idiot Ohio fans who are calling Hoke a liar and classless. As if they're completely unaware of what just happened to their program and what Tressel actually did, not what some crazy former player accused him of doing on some sportstalk show. 


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I'd suggest that maybe we can give Kyle Turley a break here, and just ignore his opinion on the matter - he, literally, has significant mental problems, and is on his way to CTE due to extended head trauma.

Maybe we can find someone in complete possession of their faculties to ridicule.

D.C. Dave

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One of the biggest jerks you could ever meet in your life. A real loser and everyone on the Saints knew he was roided up. There is a video of him leaving the lockerroom after one game and purposely running into a sportswriter, like some childish playground bully, because he didn't like the absolute truths the writer printed about him. He's just a complete idiot and it's best to ignore anything he says. Irrelevant to the real world.


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Agreed.  Turley flamed out of the NFL and has no revelance there.  Now he keeps trashing Hoke because it gets him some attention from the SDSU fanbase and the national media pays attention because Hoke is coaching at a prestigious school.  

Turley is the problem here.  He's trashing a former SDSU coach who left them in a better place than they were and a solid replacement by all announces (Hoke's DC).  


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Any coach who wouldn't leave SDSU for UM is a fool. If Hoke pulled a Petrino/Baltimore Colts, as was reported by some SDSU officials, then his character should be questioned.