Kyle Kalis provides a lift for my daughter.

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My 13 year old daughter has had a crush on Kyle since the first time she met him on the field at Youth Day his freshman year.  Each year after that, we print out last years picture and have him sign it and get a new pic. Since this year they decided to "reschedule" it until next year, she was disappointed that she wouldn't get to see him. 

So we went to the UCF game and hung out after to see if we could find him..  Unfortunately we wiated by the wrong door and mised him.  When we were walking away we saw Coach Drevno and chatted him up as she carried this 3 foot photo of Kalis.  He took a picture of her and texted it to Kyle.   I told her we would try again at Colorado. 

Unfortunately she suffered a concussion at volleyball practice and could not attend.  I waited around and told Kyle the story and he recorded a short video for her.

My wife said when she watched it she cried.  I talked to her in the morning.  Emily said, "He basically just asked me to marry him."  No matter what you think of his play on the field, taking 15 seconds to record a video for my daughter not only melted her heart, but forged it into a block M.



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I can think of a certain ex-Athletic Director that would have somehow monetized this if he had thought of it.  Get a personal message from your favorite player for $24.99 plus shipping and handling.

Well done, Kyle.  We have a great group of kids don't we?


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One of my weekly traditions during the season is to catch the Kalis interview on wtka's podcast. He's almost always made available to the media and is consistently entertaining. Really hope the light comes on for him this year and he plays his way to a mid round draft pick.


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It's always good to remember there are people under those pads and helmets. Even better to remember that many of them are good people. People who do stuff other people don't simply because they play a game we obsess over. Awesome for Dreveno to follow through and for Kyle also. Thanks for sharing.


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Great story! 

I am not sure I am quite at your level, but my 10 year old son "boooos" me every time I mention anything about teaching at MSU. Like, he boooos me and gives me the saddest face in the world. I think I've done pretty well on the indoctrination side of things, eh? :-D 


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Ugh. I left an MSU tote bag on my counter the other day. My son walked in, saw it, stopped dead in his tracks and said, "What the heck is that? No, seriously, what the heck is that "thing" doing on the counter???" He said all this without an ounce of humor. I almost died laughing... 

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As the father of an almost 13 year old daughter, I can appreciate this.  Also enjoyed seeing the pictures from past years.  It's incredible the changes that happen to our kids when they are between 10 and 13 years old!


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I remember that head picture, as I was standing around after the UCF game with my 9-year old daughter.  Not too many guys came out to sign autographs, but we did meet Don Brown, Jay Harbaugh, Khaleke Hudson, Henry Poggi and Kekoa Crawford.  Thought it was interesting that as most guys just walked away, Gary was ushered out by a staff member to a golf cart, and driven away.  I remember getting loads of autographs from players as a kid outside the tunnel, but I guess times change.  

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This makes me happy. I wasn't around to brainwash my stepdaughter or stepson, but they at least own some Michigan stuff. I'm afraid to push it too hard and then they'll turn osu on me just to spite me, so I'm waiting until maybe I can take them to a game sometime or something. We'll see. For now they're UVA fans, which I'm ok with I suppose. This is awesome though... good on Kyle for doing that for her!


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I hope your daughter feels better soon! As a dad of 4 kids with 2 entering the ages of participating in sports and such, I hope I never have to deal with a head injury or worse.


Question, how does one get a concussion in volleyball? Head-to-head collision?


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Hers hit the net. She went to get it and the next girl, who is one of the biggest hitters, smoked it into the back of Emily's head. She will miss at least the first three games. Has missed 2 days of school and a few tests. Going back Tuesday for a half day. Still a small headache today, but no nauseousness.
Thanks for everyone's concern! She got a kick reading the comments.