Kyle Kalis Clarifies and Expands his Earlier Remarks

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New Michigan sports beat reporter Kyle Meinke has scored a text interview with Kyle Kalis. The insights in his article:'s quote was accurate, but it's been mischacterized.

“The only thing I’ll say about that border thing is that I never actually said it (that way), even though Michigan fans have been messaging me, saying it’s the greatest ESPN quote of all time,” Kalis texted [While] the quote is wasn’t meant to sound like [Kalis] “was trying to get back at Ohio State. I said that there used to be a sort of border between Ohio to Michigan and that for whatever reason you’re gonna see a handful of guys make that jump that they usually wouldn’t.”

His reaction to butthurt Buckeye fans.

...Kalis said many Buckeyes fans in Ohio have been enraged by his decision, although it doesn’t bother him because he chose the school that is best for his future as a student and football player. “The basic reaction (to my commitment) in Ohio has been, ‘Ah, how could you do this to your home state?! You betrayed your home state!!'” texted Kalis. “It just makes me laugh because I’ve only been here for 2 1/2 years.

Impressions of Coach Hoke and the Michigan 2012 recruiting class.

“The thing about Coach Hoke that really sticks out to me is that he’s real,” Kalis texted. “What you see is what you get with Coach, and that’s how it should be. Coach Hoke will be the reason U of M gets back on top. And I’m not the only one who sees it that way, the whole class does and the amount of focus that we all have is incredible, and Coach Hoke instilled that in us.”




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He doesn't have to apologize or clarify his remarks, whatsoever.  He'll make a hell of a Michigan Man.  Go Blue!  I can't wait to see this class materialize.



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“It just makes me laugh because I’ve only been here for 2 1/2 years."  He hasn't been in Ohio long enough to realize the fans think anything good belongs to them and their team (see LeBron James).  It's the same with being a fan of any other school when you live in Ohio.  There's a guy at work that calls me al-Qaeda because I root for Michigan.  I live in a sad, sad state.


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‘Ah, how could you do this to your home state?! You betrayed your home state!!'” texted Kalis. “It just makes me laugh because I’ve only been here for 2 1/2 years.

My condolences on the 2-1/2 years Kyle.  Fortunately you have found a way out!


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I like how Buckeye fans think an Ohio kid should never leave the state, but their only NC in the last 60 years was made possible by a QB from Michigan.


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Speaking as one of the people on the board who was very unhappy with the RR firing and the subsequent Hoke hiring I continue to be amazed at just how wrong I was.  Quotes like these make me realize that whatever Hoke has is real, tangible and kids are responding to it like we havent seen in quite a while.  You almost have to go back to the "Into Thin Air" days of the Carr regime to see this type of connection between player and coach en masse.


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that the jury is still out on the hire. Hoke is sure tracking in the right direction. If Michigan can put together a decent season, the 2013 class should be outstanding. Kalis can feel good that he is part of the class, that hopefully... signals Michigan's return to prominence.


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You expect commits to say good things about the coaches, but even so the kinds of quotes we're seeing about Hoke/Mattison really stand out, particularly with linemen and defensive players.  Hopefully they'll have similar success when we turn our focus to offensive skill players. 


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This kid is eloquent and smart.  But wow, those kind words for Hoke bode so well for this team in the future.  Hoke's down home magnetism and Mattison being one of the best recruiters in the nation bode so very, very well.

I'll take 7-5 this season with the parts we have, and hope for better things in 2012, with the sky being the limit in 2013 and thereafter.


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If Hoke is instilling focus on the recruits before they even get to campus, it is going to be great to see the focus this team has in a couple years.  Count me as excited!


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It doesn't matter, but the impression I got from the butthurt coming out of Ohio was that he was a lifelong OSU fan who turned his back on the greatest collegel football team on earth*.



*Only among the mentally challenged.


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The fans saying Kalis was a "lifelong OSU fan who turned his back on the greatest college football team on earth" are the same ones who are saying he will "pull a Justin Boren as soon as he realizes the NCAA isn't going to take away any bowl games."

In a word: "delusional."


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are the real deal.  The way they talk, the way they act.  These are the guys that I'm gonna be excited to watch, the kinda guys you don't have to worry about going offsides or getting caught holding.