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Some Twitter Buzz.  It seems good for Michigan.

MilesFomby Miles Fomby
"Sounds as if Kris Frost will not end up at Auburn."
Fomby also says that Frost will not be making his scheduled visit to Auburn. 
This might be priority #1 for Brady on the recruiting trail.  I don't know if Frost is still planniing on enrolling this term, but what an enormous start if we could land him this week, or possibly next.
I did see a rumor about LSU, and possibly UNC.  But if Brady gets on the phone and sells Michigan like he did yesterday, I hope we have ourselves a football player.



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add in the fact that most classes have their first exam right around the drop/add deadline, a new environement, knowing few people right off the bat, yeah I'd say EE is out of the question.


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I feel good about this. It never really made sense to me that Frost (who will very very likely be playing LB) saw the RichRod firing as reason to reconsider us. Given how bad our defense was, it would seem he would be on board with a switch in that personnel. Especially since all reports were that he was in love with the idea of being in Ann Arbor and the school itself. I totally understand developing a personal relationship with coaches, but if he really loved it here all along, he could be walking into a better situation for his development.


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underestimate the attachment that recruits develop toward particular coaches, rather than schools (I know Frost is something of an exception to this given how much he loved Michigan growing up, but, I mean, he did back out of a silent commitment once RR was fired).  


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I think it depends on the kid as well but I agree in general.  Recruiting is all about personal relationships.  If a kid was set on going to one school (UNC) and then commits to another (Michigan) it seems clear to me that the personal relationship with a coach(es) had a lot to do with it.  When that coach(es) leaves, its back to square one . . .


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Well that is the missing piece I didn't fill in. Him wanting to play on offense (no matter how silly I think that may be given how amazing he looked in the Army AA game at LB) would make sense for him reconsidering. 

Moofis Footbone

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This kid wanted to be Blue but had to pick Auburn at the game because of all the chaos.  Let him start out at WR, if that's what he wants.  He did make a heck of an impression at LB in the all star practices. 

From all I've read he's a good kid and good leader.  Vocal, positive and a hard worker, something all great programs are built on.

Hoke, get all over Zettel like white on rice.  With your DL expertise that kid can see the NFL at Michigan just as likely as at PSU. 



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He is a must in this class if we can get him. I agree with what was posted above about him and the Army All-American game. He looked like a stud out there at LB and I hope Hoke is able to convince him to come to Michigan. GO BLUE Kris!


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I'm completely torn re: Frost.

On one hand UM needs all the elite talent it can get at this point especially on the defensive side of the ball; on the other hand I'm annoyed that Frost claimed to be a lifelong UM fan and was a silent commit (confirmed by Sam Webb on WTKA recently) but bailed out on UM when the going got tough.

I know it's petty...but there it is.


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I don't think that it's unreasonable for an 18-year old kid making the biggest decision of his life to change his mind when the entire coaching staff that's been working with him is completely gutted.   

What if the new staff won't give him a chance at WR?   What if they don't want him at all?   What if they're going a completely different direction than what you're expecting?   What if Michigan hired a guy that you thought was a complete tool based on interactions that you've had with them?

Not to mention the fact that he may have thought that RR was treated unfairly, which could have given him a bad impression of DB and the athletic department in general---  to see how this could enrage someone, look at any one of the thousands of posts on this board that would express the same emotions.

To say, "Well, I might not want this guy because he didn't completely leverage his future on a completely unknown situation and just should have sucked it up and committed." is petty and ridiculous.


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I was under the impression that Frost was a kid who grew up a UM fan, not a fan of RR and his staff, but of the UM football program (and the University) in its entirety. This was the basis for my expressed disappointment. If he was merely a fan of RR/his staff, then his change of heart makes complete sense.

If I was incorrect in that belief, my apologies to any one offended by my remarks.


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All things considered, I'd imagine M will go after Kris hard. But, if he's set on playing O instead of D, that's another story. Definitely less of a priority for M. And there are other fine receivers available.


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and will realize that their kids who play defense would greatly benefit from Hoke, and they will influence them as much as they can.


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If Hoke hasn't actually signed a contract yet, isn't he just the Michigan football coach in name only?

Therefore since he isn't officially the coach yet, isn't he free to call anybody he wants to.

Moofis Footbone

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I don't know for sure but I would think there would be some temporary document drawn up to name him to the position until the official contract can be signed.  thought I heard Brandon say that the legal language takes some time to be put in written form.

If he were to call kids without the document he may be looked at as a booster or liason of the University which I'm sure the f'in NCAA has a rule on. 

03 Blue 07

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He can, and is, operating under a verbal contract at this point, which is binding. His intent was to agree to coach the University of Michigan's football team, and Brandon's intent, as AD, was to hire him for such a position. As such, there was a "meeting of the minds," which is all that is required for such a contract. Now, terms such as duration and all other stuff will obviously be reduced to writing, etc., but he can absolutely be "under contract" even if it isn't in writing; that's the first thing we learned in Contracts in law school: a contract does not have to be written for it to be binding.


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I took this class.

I'm pretty sure if the terms of the contract haven't been worked out it isn't a valid contract.

You can argue that Hoke is working in good faith with the understanding that he is going to be the head coach at Michigan once the terms of the agreement is finished. But I'm pretty sure until both sides agree on what each is giving up and gaining he's not an actual employee of the University of Michigan. 

I'm not trying to argue, just trying to find a way around NCAA rules, and I'm sure even if we find a technicality in rather or not Hoke is the actual coah yet there is some other bylaw that would stop him from contacting a recruit.


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For what's it's worth I took a gander over at the Auburn boards on ESPN to see what they were saying. This was the first thread and most updated one on frost. a few other threads seem to contridict but like i said, take it for what it's worth.

Some of the other threads were saying they already talked to him and his parents and he's going to gray shirt. Don't know if anyone else heard anything in regards to this