Kris Frost To Graduate in June Now

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Per his facebook status, Kris Frost will remain in High School till his school year ends.


Magnus, Tom VH, or DGDestroy's. What are your thoughts on this? Do we have a chance now?



i am no longer graduating early! yayyyy! now i get to see butler high school for another 4months!!! im soooo exited!
-___-       Kris Frost




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As far as I know they were supposed to talk on the phone and meet in person, but neither happened.

My guess is Auburn screwed up by telling him they'd have room for him and now they don't want to confront him about their mistake. That's just a guess though. It's really strange. He's likely to get his fifth star from Rivals so I'd assume Chizik would at least stay in contact with him until he was absolutely sure that there wouldn't be room.

J. Lichty

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When he was a silent commit, he told Tom that he would commit to M for the school and not coach - but then apparently changed his mind when RR was fired.  That is fine, he has every right to do it, but when he silently committed to RR he knew there was a chance that RR would not be back.  Its actually surprising that in the land of the oversigning, a commit would be turned away because there is no room.

I hope he ends up and Michigan and for a defensive player, having a new coaching stafff is certainly not a bad thing given the Gerg regime.  To the extent that he still wants to play WR, he should watch some SDSU highlights and how they used their WR's under Borges.  He will like it.

J. Lichty

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I reacall that he committed to Auburn without actually having talked to them before the AAA game.  I think Tom had a post about this or maybe it was in the live blog.  Not saying your are wrong, but I just dont recall it that way.  Not going to ask you for a source, because it really doesnt matter. 

We still have a shot which is the good news and he is not screwed - he still has an offer to play at M.

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Some broad from rivals reported that Frost talked to Auburn the night before. If you remember correctly, Tom was completely in the dark about Frost's commitment to Auburn in the LIveBlog.

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word is Frost to AU


Where's that word coming from?

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Rivals mods say Frost to AU


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Any thoughts on Rival's saying Frost to AU?


What Rivals site is saying Frost to AU?



I'll check on Frost. If he picks AU today then he changed his mind within the last couple days…which, I know but let me double check.



If people are reporting from the Army game that Kris Frost has switched, then it's probably true. About a month ago he had told me that it was Michigan, and that he didn't even apply to Auburn. Auburn told him they wanted an answer and he told them no. If that changed within the week, then it's really unfortunate.










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Who knows what the truth is.  It doesn't seem logical that he would lie about being told that they had spot for him, unless there was a miscommunication.


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We still only have 16 days. That's not to say we won't land him, but it's not THAT much more time for us. However, Auburn reportedly has STILL not accepted his commitment, so I think our chances are getting better with every passing day.


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It wouldn't surprise me if we waits until after signing day to commit to see if he can get into Auburn - maybe one of their players doesn't come through and a spot opens. Though, I'm not sure if it was a cap issue or a position of need issue with Auburn. 

Either way, this will be a good opportunity for Hoke and co.


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He told Auburn he was going to pick Michigan, so they gave up and allocated his scholarship elsewhere. Then RR got fired and he switches back to Auburn, which catches the Tigers off guard. *They told him before he committed that they might not have room*

Hoke HAS been in contact with Frost, and there's a chance he'll visit Ann Arbor unofficially to meet with Hoke. If this happens, I think Frost will pick Michigan on signing day or just before. If the visit doesn't happen, then it all just depends on whether Auburn finds room.


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I'm glad Hoke has contacted him because he could be a big member of this class.  If I'm Frost, why would I want to consider Auburn anymore after they continue to ignore me?  He belongs in Ann Arbor, the school he ORIGINALLY wanted to commit too.

Like DG said, every day passing without "commiting" to Auburn is a plus for Michigan.  I hope Hoke can snatch him up!

Go Blue!


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If he thought RichRod was a "Michigan Man", wait until he meets the "Hokester".  Brady Hoke is the epitome of a "Michigan Man" and LOVES the University!

EDIT: Apparently getting negged for this comment.  It wasn't a slam at RichRod.  I've supported RichRod since day one and thought he should have gotten another year with Casteel or another DC coming in.  Brady DOES know a lot more about Michigan taking over because he's already been here.  That MAY help Frost sway back to Michigan...