Kozan - Rob Lowe knows everything

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Well Rob Lowe is at it again.  He was the actor who was tweeting that Peyton Manning was retiring and now he is the inside source of the Kozan recruitment.  




But in all seriousness, has he set a NEW decision date?



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All about the second career... Rob Lowe doing sports reporting in Colorado

And I saw Randy Moss doing sideline reporting at the Pro Bowl (although it looked like he aged and whitened considerably since retirement)


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You have to respect a guy like Kozan who refuses to let Jordan Payton run away with the "Weirdest Recruitment" award.  Obviously, overcoming Payton is an uphill battle, but Kozan can manage to miss a few more self-imposed commitment deadlines, he's got to be in the running.


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I think it's supposed to be Rob Howe, but it's definitely funnier with Lowe

That being said:

Rivals.com mentioned a comparison to New England Patriots offensive tackle Matt Light, so he's clearly a well-regarded young player.

Rivals does a pro comparison for every player....it doesn't make Kozan special


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seems to be pretty happy with the class we already have!  Be honest, it would be nice to get one or two more in the fold -- BUT it's all good if we don't!


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Somebody needs to crunch the numbers and see if there's any correlation between self-created drama during a player's recruitment and how well that player meets the expectations created by his evaluation.


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I don't know if this is self-created drama. He was one of the quietest players during this process. I can imagine being very torn between schools. What if he likes them all equally?  I think we, the media, and the social media try to make it into something it's not. Some guys just need more time. 


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I don't necessarily think that's what is going on here.

Hypothetically speaking, imagine you're Kozan, and Michigan is your number one school.

So Michigan already has a few highly regarded guys at your position, and they're waiting on a couple more offensive linemen who they're higher on than you. They're also in on a couple more highly rated recuits, but they only have a few spots left, so they've put you on the back burner. Meanwhile Iowa, your number two school, has been making it clear you're the number one guy on their board.

So you pretty much make up your mind that you're going to Iowa, but then national signing day rolls around and Michigan misses on all the guys they had above you on their board, save one who has yet to decide, but even that doesn't matter because they have two spots left. Now, their attention has turned to you, but you just committed to Iowa.

Now you've got a rather difficult choice to make. You can go with the school that had been pushing hard for you all along, but was your second choice, or, you can go with the school who puushed you to the back but was your number one choice.

Of course, my hypothetical is just that, and completely ignores Auburn's place in this process, but I think you get the point. There is probably more to this than just self inflicted drama.


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If Kozan were such an attention hog, you would have heard a lot more from him before now. 

Kids don't HAVE to sign on National Signing Day.  It's simply the first day kids are allowed to sign.  He has two months (until April 1) to sign, so if he has a legitimate change of heart or internal struggle, then it's understandable.

The only reason you're labeling him as some sort of attention whore is because he's not meeting YOUR expectations, which I imagine are very insignificant to him.


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Maybe he doesn't know where he wants to go?  It isn't that big of a deal if he doesn't sign on "National Signing Day."  He has more time if he wants it and why shouldn't he take it if he needs it to make the right decision for himself?  This decision will affect the rest of his life.

With that being said, there are an infinite number of reasons that could pulling him one way or another.  One of them may be thousands of dollars from Auburn.  One of them may be to be a part of the greatest college football tradition. Ever.


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Auburn got 5 OL recruits... and Michigan may or may not get Diamond tomorrow...


Kozan is waiting to see what Diamond does..

If Diamond to Auburn  =  Kozan to Michigan

If Diamond to Michigan  = Kozan to Iowa or Auburn


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Agreed.  It's possible that if Diamond commits to Michigan, Bars would be an interior OL since we'd have three OTs in this class.  However, if Diamond does not, It might mean Bars is a tackle since we'd only have two tackles in this class and no tackles in the two previous classes, meaning our only guards would be Kalis and Bryant. 

What this post really tells me is that we need one of them for sure.


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I'm guessing he's waiting to see where Diamond goes. If he wanted to go to Iowa, he would have committed by now. Auburn was regarded as his second choice, but they already have 5 OL recruits. If Diamond chooses Auburn then he probably doesn't want to be number 7. So, my guess is we will hear from Kozan tomorrow or Saturday and we will get one or neither, but not both.


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I can see them both committing in one theory:
Diamond's recruitment is mutually exclusive from Kozan's...
I honestly believe Kozan wants to go to somewhere where he can get a legit shot at a position he wants...

With that said, I still believe Diamond is ours to lose and we're pulling hard for Kozan- making him rethink hi choice


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If he isn't sure, the best thing to do is disappear, spend some time thinking, and make a decision based on what his head and gut suggest rather than responding to the pressure of dweebs like me that care way too much about where High School kids go to college.

That said, PLEEEEASE go Blue.


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Agreed.  All 3 schools interested in him will have a slot available for him when he decides.  

No need to rush.  He's already created a fuss with the Iowa sitiuation.  Make a sound choice that he can live with for good.