Kovacs scholarship situation

Submitted by cypress on January 21st, 2011 at 10:48 AM
I noticed on the rivals scholarship breakdown that they Did not have Kovacs listed as being a returning player on scholarship. Obviously he was on scholarship this year because we had an available one to give but what about next yr? If we signed 21 players (or however many it would take to max at 85) would he not get one? I'd have to think they have one reserved for him but I'm not sure. Also if Marell Evans gets one, that's one less we can sign also. I



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And technically, scholarships are one year at a time. But you have to figure that a two-year full-time starter, which Kovacs is, will have one.

At this point, there doesn’t seem to be any realistic prospect that Michigan would sign so many incoming recruits that there would be no space left for Kovacs to keep his scholarship.


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you are forever branded as such. I have read that Kovacs is driven to prove himself, because he was a walk-on. This is probably just one more dis' in a long line of them.

I cannot see how a new coaching staff, hired because they are Michigan Men, doers of righteousness, and carrying the mantra of the right way, would not give an open scholarship to a two year starter / leader of team tackling / person who did things the hard "Michigan Man" way to get to that position.

/sorta sarcasm/

Frank Drebin

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Where is the breakdown that you were looking at? Was George Morales still listed as a scholarship player? Any others jump out that were odd or left out? (Heininger, Leach, McColgan)


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That's a list of all of the players on the football roster with eligibility left who came to Michigan on NCAA letters of intent. 

Some of them might not be on scholarship now, although that's unlikely--schools rarely play games like that.  Don't worry, there will be plenty of scholarships to give to non-LOI players in the fall, and Kovacs will be at the top of that list.


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Whether Kovacs retains his starting spot or not, he deserves a scholarship.

I'm guessing he's probably not listed just because (as someone said above) walk-on scholarships weren't announced by Rodriguez.  You never know, Brady Hoke might make a public announcement about financial issues like that . . . but I seriously doubt it.


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Kovacs will have a scholarship no matter what.

With a class of 18 (and zero transfers) there will be three additional scholarships available for "walk-ons":

I assume K. Grady, Leach, and McColgan will be first in line with Primarco and Heinenger the first to get any transfers' vacant spots

Steve in PA

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Do you really think that the only player who showed the ability to make a tackle in the last two years will lose his scholarship?  C'mon now, this isn't the SEC!


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I think the real question with Kovacs isn't about his scholarship but rather or not he will be a starter.

I'll be the first to admit I have not always been a big Kovacs fan (great guy loves michigan but pretty suspect skills). He has improved a bunch since he came to Michigan and that was under a terrible defensive staff. He understands the game and like has been said a couple times in this thread, is one of the only guys on the team who can make a tackle.

With a better staff coaching him up I think he could be a solid defensive contributor the next two years and I will be surprised if he isn't starting at safety Game 1.


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Suspect skills? Like what - tackling, being in position? Football skills are what he excels at. The general consensus is that the physical attributes are what he is lacking (although 6'0 is not too small for a safety, Ed Reed is 5'11 and he's ok). He is the secondary player I am least concerned about (well ok, maybe I feel more comfortable with TWolf but you get the idea).


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Let's not kid ourselves - Kovacs doesn't have a plethora of tools.  I agree that he's usually in position and that he's usually a good tackler, but there were times over the past two seasons that his lack of speed was evident (two times I can think of right off the top of my head are PSU 2009 and Indiana 2010).


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Kovacs was pefect for the hybrid spot in the 3-3-5 where he could play near the line on most occasions. With our lack of talent/depth, I wouldn't be surprised if he saw time at linebacker next year. Obviously he isn't the ideal size, but as others have said, he's proven he can tackle. He has great instincts, just not the speed to be a coverage safety.


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Brian talked about it last fall and I agreed. When Obi was playing MLB and doing seemingly everything wrong, he thought Kovacs was a better option at that position. The reason is that he makes the right reads. If he does that, at worst, he's taking up a blocker. Otherwise he is making a tackle or funneling the play to someone else. Yes, obviously he is too small to play there consistently but I will take someone who is in the right spot consistently over someone who is hardly ever there.