Kornacki: How Wolverine O-Line Imposed its Will on Cornhuskers

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Haven't seen this posted yet - apologies if previously posted. Great job by our offensive line Saturday. Shout-out to them and Coach Warriner! Did anyone else notice the number of illegal use of hands instances against both Runyan and Mayfiled at LT that were not called? I was focusing on the LT position, so don't know if others on our OL were also being grabbed by the throat like Runyan and Mayfield were.

This link won't imbed for some reason:  https://mgoblue.com/news/2018/9/22/football-kornacki-how-wolverine-o-line-imposed-its-will-on-cornhuskers.aspx




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Disagree. On Friday analysis was all about Nebraska defense being solid vs run and averaging five sacks per game. Most had Michigan probably pulling out a close win. Nebraska gets housed by the better team and now they are JV? #revisionist

No guarantee this line is any more than average by end of season but average could be enough...


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It's revisionist to comment on what we all just saw?  We beat a very bad team and go take a look at the prediction thread again because most of the board saw a blowout, I predicted 55-13.   All I am saying is that Michigan executed the way they should have against a bad team and that is encouraging.  That hasn't always happened but we need to temper our excitement.  Just because some people thought it may be close game doesn't really mean much. I saw us run a bad team off the field and they were worse than some of us thought.  Hell, there was a thread about how they as a team are not buying in to the Frost message on the board.  That may be the worst Nebraska team we'll ever see.  


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You are right to not get too amped up over the win.  However, Nebraska outgained a decent 3-0 Colorado team by over 150 yards.

Against us we were outgaining them by nearly 300 yards at halftime.  Halftime.  Had we not played over 80 players, we had a legit chance of outgaining them by 600.

It was a nice win to completely clown stomp them the way we did.  It doesn't mean we are 'Bama, but nice nonetheless.


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You can't win.  If Michigan goes out and pulls out a closer than expected win, the board melts down into self-pity.  We go out and curb stomp an inferior team and the comments are, "you can't take away anything positive from this because Nebraska sucks".

I can't fathom what it must be like for these fans who can take no joy out of Michigan playing well.


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If you watch the highlights, our O-Line executed better than I have seen from a Michigan team in a LONG time!

Precisely.  All the mistakes on the OL that FanNamedOzzy has been diagramming in diaries the past couple of weeks, I saw much of that get corrected on Saturday.  Very encouraging.

Sure, Nebraska proved to be undersized and not up to the task of challenging our OL, but that doesn't take away from the fact that I saw very few dorfs from our linemen on Saturday.  We didn't grind out yards and big plays despite mistakes, the OL executed their assignments well and that was reflected in the offense's overall performance.


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My favorite bit from the article:

"I watched film all this week and would talk to my dad," said Runyan. "He's helped me out a lot. I'd missed a few blocks this week, and so we got some face time on the phone. My mom was holding the phone, and my dad was being me and my sister was being a defensive end.

"They ran plays, and it helped me both in the run and pass plays. I went to the Wednesday and Thursday practices to try that stuff out, and it worked pretty well."


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JBB sure as heck looks the part and is a fine run blocker... If Warinner gets him to step up pass pro then he would be very adequate.

Steuber looked good too.

Mayfield isn't ready yet, watch him on the Bell TD.


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JBB sure as heck looks the part and is a fine run blocker... If Warinner gets him to step up pass pro then he would be very adequate.

Steuber looked good too.

Mayfield isn't ready yet, watch him on the Bell TD.


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"Michigan’s OL confirmed indicators of development pushing Nebraska round."

"As a substitute, the Wolverines’ entrance 5 pushed their first Large Ten opponent round with out a lot problem."

“We had been feeling good concerning the holes that we had been making, and the backs had been ending them,” stated beginning left guard Ben Bredeson. “We had been completely satisfied about that.


Eye of the Tiger

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Awesome, and Wisconsin runs a similar D, don't they. So that's good. 

But--and here's a question for the OL specialists--how portable is this to, say, a quarters defense with 4 down linemen?