Know Thy Enemy: Ohio Spring Game

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Airing through tape delay on BTN until our game. Thoughts, criticisms, enlightenment? Leave it here. 




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I can't watch it (no BTN) but I am sure that Braxton Miller will cement his position as the frontrunner for the 2013 Heisman with this performance today.

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Same reason Michigan had the '08 Spring Game at...  Saline HS.  ("Why the hell a high school?!?")

I'd wager that with the new interest in spring games, the BTN's televising them, etc., that Michigan would hold a spring game at Ford Field, or in Grand Rapids, if the situation arose again.


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Secondary will be good this season. OL is experienced, idk how talented though. Missing depth & a RT altogether. Urban prefers 10 WR, 1 QB/RB.


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Urban saying the D Line had struggled. I'm not gonna try to assess the validity of that, but if true, the amount of pressure they're getting on the quarterback is not a good sign for their offensive line.

They might go 0-12 this year. Braxton won't be able to stay upright in a single game /Spring game overreaction

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What I don't understand is, why couldn't Michigan have had their 2008 spring game at Ford Field? ohio is having theirs at an NFL Stadium due to their stadium being renovated. 

Not that 2008 was a year to remember, AT ALL, but it still broke my spring game streak due to it being invite only for parents and higher up donors. Plus the weather was turrible that day and it showed in the score. They made it invite only due to it being at Saline HS which has a 1K seat stadium and the amount of people that would have showed up due to the new offense would have far exceeded the number of seats. 

I bet if DB was the AD back then they would've played at Ford Field. 



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Did they say a moment ago that Meyer has never coached a 1,000-yard RB?  On that note, I haven't seen Brionte Dunn... though I haven't really been looking for him. 

EDIT: Oh there's Dunn.  I didn't recognize him in the shell of his former HS promise self. 


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If there is interest, LandGrantHolyLand more or less made a portal to their Spring Game coverage....

One thing about Braxton Miller - despite the no-contact rule here, the first quarter showed a bit of the 9.54% sack percentage flair thanks to subpar OL play. 

Also, did anyone else feel no shock whatsoever when Gordon Gee mentioned that he spent most games aside from the Spring Game in the bathroom?


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I don't know how much of a run game we'll establish. A lot of the games in the late 90s and early 2000s were wars of attrition in the trenches. I think you could see at least a partial return to that type of game. OSU has some extremely talented d-linemen and LBs. It all depends on how our interior O-line develops over the season.

Even for OSU offensively, they don't have that game breaking playmaker. Miller is a good runner but he isn't Denard and they don't have a Percy Harvin type receiver. I don't think our defense will give up too many big plays, though. Miller isn't the greatest passer.

It's hard to pick out an advantage that either team has at this point. Gardner looks great and I could see him having some huge games if he's given time in the pocket.


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He is not the same as Denard in the open field. 

Regardless, there is no reason to overstate him or the team as a whole. We could've beat them last year and it'll probably be another close game next year and every year after so long as Meyer and Hoke are coaching. That's how The Game should be.