Kirby Smart on ESPN Now

Submitted by Khaleke The Freak on December 2nd, 2018 at 12:13 AM

Instantly lobbying his ass off for the CFP and ESPN is giving him the platform...conflict of interest for sure.  Pretty ridiculous in my opinion...



December 2nd, 2018 at 12:20 AM ^

SVP actively said "if you want to come on the show and stump for your team, we give equal airtime to everyone."


Side note - when did Herbstreit become such an SEC slappie? He's on here saying Georgia should jump ND, AFTER A LOSS. I don't think ND is that great but in what crazy world can you lose and go up in ranking? That's a participation trophy of the highest order


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Fake punt at 4th and 11 with defense protecting against a fake will go down as one of the worst couching calls of recent memory. Killed his team’s chance of winning. 


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I agree but so was coming after the punter and roughing the punter that Nick Saban did when he would have been getting the ball around Midfield, I am starting to buy in to the mindset that they may not be the greatest coaches just the greatest recruiters. It is easier to win games when you have a team full of 5 stars and the SEC and the NCAA allows them to get away with what they're doing Saban was not a success in Michigan State nor in the NFL and Kirby Smart built the Georgia team that basically has been a Michigan State team over the years into a power immediately and has become a recruiting power immediately seems odd to me


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What I have grown to dislike about college football: forget on-the field play, let's use lobbying and politics to decide the winners.  Leaves a sour taste in my mouth.  Who wants to tune in to watch a rematch of the SEC championship after Georgia lost?  They get a re-do? Great. No.


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The whole "best 4 teams" thing is an SEC talking point.  There's simply a belief the SEC is the best conference so they have the best teams even if you can't prove UGA is better than OU for example.  It goes by some nefarious eye test.  Nobody can predict who would win with any consistency between team 4 or team 5.  

The committee themselves even uses this argument and the "best looking teams" as a criteria.  It's a joke.  No other sport at any other level determines their best teams that way.  Were the Eagles really the best team in the NFL last year?   No, but they earned it and deserved it by beating who was put in front of them when it mattered.  That's what it needs to be about, what is earned.

This whole system and committee needs to be thrown out.  We need an 8 team playoff with a BCS like poll determining the teams.  And keep ESPN farrrrr away from setting up the new system.

A Lot of Milk

December 2nd, 2018 at 12:30 AM ^

The ideas of rematches in college football are so dumb in general. Hey you know that first game you played? Doesn't matter at all, this next one is REALLY the one that counts. The big 12 having a title game is so stupid when they already play a conference round robin. Texas beating Oklahoma in a great upset this year counted for absolutely nothing because they had to play again today and OU won


December 2nd, 2018 at 12:39 AM ^

It's going to be unavoidable if you want to determine a winner through a playoff head to head type system.  It's better than the old days of just having a bunch of people vote for who wins.  If things played out a certain way this year we could have rematched both NW and Notre Dame.  Not sure how you'd avoid that.


December 2nd, 2018 at 4:44 AM ^

I’m not the OP, but tbh, I do. Take baseball for instance. The original World Series made sense. You had two Leagues that didn’t play each other, so you took the champions and let them duke it out 1 on 1. Great! That’s perfectly reasonable.

Nowadays though, the MLB playoffs are a statistical abomination. It’s like, “okay we have 162 games, which is a pretty huge sample size, but we’ll only use it to pick 8 teams and then get a 10x smaller sample of games to determine who is the best.” Don’t even get me started on the NHL, where a hot goalie can take the 16th best team in the league all the way to the cup.

People like playoffs because they’re dramatic. There’s a reason the Final Four and the Super Bowl are what they are. But if your goal is to find the best team, it’s moronic. From a statistical point of view it’s downright criminal.