Kingston Davis to Alabama-Birmingham

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Davis to UAB in accordance with God's plans. From his twitter: Michigan ➡️UAB God is great! This is his plan not ours!


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My oldest daughter was born in 91. She loved those Barney vids as a kid. The youngest was born in 95, and was into Teletubbies.

I will take Barney every day of the week, and twice on Sundays before sitting thru more Teletubbies. Holy Hell!!!! Whomever thought that crap up needs to be kicked in the junk...daily.


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by several people in the B1G with the exception of people who actually saw Howard play at UAB. Howard was a stud at UAB and his success at IU and NFL didn't surprise me at all.


Also, Bill Clark is a great coach. Led them to bowl eligiblity before the dismantling of the program. Stuck with the program and went bowling this season on first year back which is amazing when you think about it. UAB had zero business winning 8 games in their first year yet they did it.


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Was one of Harbaugh's first recruits in his first class. It was always kind of a weird offer when he didn't have the offer sheet or measurables of other recruits and then ended up not hacking it at Michigan.


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Cases like Kingston Davis, Keith Washington, Ulizio Nolan, and others are why people are worried about this 2018 class.

Yes, we can all hope that Harbaugh and his staff are finding all of these underrated diamonds-in-the-rough, but the statistics isn't really on their side. It has been shown in multiple years that former 5* recruits are four times more likely to be drafted than 3-4* recruits combined.

That means Harbaugh has to pretty much be hitting it home 9/10 with these 3* guys to match the classes like OSU's 2017 or 2018 recruiting class. So far that hasn't been happening with some of the "flyers/developmental guys" in the last 2-3 classes.


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a low-rated RB that elicits some head-scratching. Done it every class thus far: Kingston Davis, Kurt Taylor and Hassan Haskins.  They're all in fairly fertile SEC recruiting territory so it's almost like they're relationship building offers as much as anything.

RB seems like a fairly difficult position to project though, so maybe they're seeing something other teams aren't and one of them will pan out.


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Think, we're just good QB play away from winning those close games against MSU, OSU, FSU, Iowa, etc., with some of those 3 star recruits like Karan Higdon, Grant Perry, Khaleke Hudson, Josh Mettelus, Sean McKeon, Eddie McDoom...

Not to mention potential starting 3* recruits in J'Marick Woods, Michael Dwumfour, Nick Eubanks, Kwity Paye, Ben Mason, Stephen Spanellis, Ben VanSumeren...

Most importantly though, give me great, or simply good QB play, and we're a contender, even with a handful of starting 3* recruits.


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I thought he was too, but both 247 and Rivals list him as a 2016 recruit, Harbaugh's second class.

As far as his measurables go, he was 6-1/225, which for a FB is right in line with what Harbaugh has recruited for that position.

It's not an indication of failure for a FB to not play much his freshman year, and Davis left the team before the 2017 season, so he hardly gave himself much of a chance to prove himself. Since he was recuited by Wheatley, it's just as plausible that a kid from Alabama who loses his primary recruiting contact and position coach was uncomfortable so far from home. And he's going back home to Alabama.

In other words, we don't have any proof one way or the other whether Davis had the talent to succeed at Michigan; sometimes things away from the field have a defining impact on how a particular recruit does.

From what I recall reading about him during his recruitment he seemed like a good kid and I hope he burns it up at UAB.


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He was one of the first satellite camp commits, from the camp in Alabama.  That same camp brought in Kieth Washington, and later J'Marick 'Ole Woods' Woods.  It also brought in one of the coaches for a couple of weeks before he decided to move on somewhere else.

Davis wanted badly to be a tailback, so much so that I remember his dad even saying he would be at TB.  We all thought he would be converted to a FB, and whenit appeared that he had no path to the field as a TB, he left.  Too bad, as he would have been a great FB, very similar to what Ben Mason projects to be.

Good luck to him!


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Another part of the Michigan difference. You really have to do something particulary bad or speak about our beloved school in a terrible manner before we will wish anything but the best to those who ever made the decision to attend this great institution. 

Give them hell and best of luck in all future endeavors. 

GO BLUE!!!!!


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I just noticed that when I clicked on this link, I got this ad in the sidebar:

I guess I will need to be very careful about clicking any "Tight End" links.



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I am all about poking fun at dogmatics, pragmatics, and religion when it is done to lighten the mood and create conversation, but to do so in a manner that belittles or lessens the decisions or beliefs of another crosses the line. KD sees that there is another way when many would say that he "lost" his chance at a dream he had. So he thanks God and moves forward. Hitchens was so embittered and anti-religion for his own reasonings and rationalizings that he attacked anyone who was not aligned with his thought.

In reality, this single lane thinking polarizes individuals and drives apart families, friends, and communtiies. In the end, religion/belief/faith  is a personal choice, like the food you eat, the people you love, and the team you cheer for. To mock someone because you want to troll anything that is anti-Michigan (Which the process of deductive reasoning to get to that point from KD's tweet is a little rediculous) is childish and should have been thought through a little more before deciding to include it in the initial post on KD's future educational/athletic location. 


There is actually a really good book by de Botton on the topic you should read. Just my two cents.