Kicking a team while their down

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Anybody else notice that everyone is loving the fact that our program is down and kicking us while we're down seems to be the in vogue thing to do these days.  I personally was listening to 97.1 yesterday and Valenti was giddy at the fact that Turner left.  I won't rehash it, but I am making a mental list of people I would love to hear after we go 8-4 this year.  Am I crazy?   Is anyone else doing this?  I wish I could wake up tomorrow and it would be 8 a.m. Saturday September 4.



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#1  Who are you Lebron with your mental lists?  Forget Valenti and the rest...they are haters.


#2  In the words of Rex Ryan on Hard Knocks:

"We know we're better than you.

We don't give a fuck if you know it or not.

We don't give a shit if you give us your best game.

We're gonna give our best game,

And we're going to beat the fuck out of ya."


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#2  In the words of Rex Ryan on Hard Knocks:

"We know we're better than you.

We don't give a fuck if you know it or not.

We don't give a shit if you give us your best game.

We're gonna give our best game,

And we're going to beat the fuck out of ya."

Words of wisdom.  Get me a helmet.


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Speaking of Hard Knocks.  Did anyone else hear during the preview of next week a guy mention Michigan?  I was on the phone but I swore I heard their DC tell a player that if he had played like that last year Michigan would have won some more games.  I figured he was speaking to Warren.  Of course it could just be I'm obsessed with Michigan football...


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ugh....I wouldn't listen to Detroit Sports radio and Valenti and Foster of all people, especially on days like yesterday. You had to know the professed Michigan hater and sparty slappy would be foaming at the mouth to bait the less informed and intelligent members of Michigan's and MSU's fan base to call in. They are just drumming up controversy to increase listeners and callers. Secondly, have you ever noticed the type of ads they play during the shows? Mostly for DUI and divorce attorney's, credit counseling, and lady janes' haircuts. They are really trying to attract an intelligent audience...

Valenti maybe an informed voice when it comes to Tigers, Wings, Pistons, and Lions. However, his partisanship in college football kills any credibility he has created when it comes to Michigan and Michigan State. I will listen to Valenti and Foster in the offseason until around this time of the year. It is much better on blood pressure to switch off from 97.1 until around middle of January after the football season has ended. 


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He has a "schtick" and sucks people in.   He lets sparties pretending to be UM fans on and UM fans that are ignorant of what is really going on in A2.  He then finds one excitable RR and UM supporter and then hangs up on him half way through...   The guy isn't worth the time I spent typing this and his act is getting old.  Good news is, he won't have one once the team is winning and the few haters (80% hahaha) don't feel the need to call in.


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outside of college football, he actually makes some decent points regarding the wings, lions, pistons, and tigers. I agree his sparty love makes him a complete buffoon during and around college football season. Hence, I refuse to listen to 97.1 during the afternoon, outside of tigers games, between the months of August and January.  It is too bad WTKA employs Defran for the afternoon show. There really isn't any pro-Michigan voices on the radio. 


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Try living in Ohio for the past two years.  at least I wan't here for The Horror.  I have a lot of buckeye fan friends who constantly give me shit (don't worry they get it right back).  Just wait, fuckers.  just wait. 


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Have to expect nonsense.  But 97.1 producers should force some balance.  Saying "he left, it's an embarassment", then "Oh shit, he might come back... that would be even worse!" allows them to have it both ways.  The calls from UofM 'fans' are comical

Valenti is forty (or thereabouts) and melts down frequently.  A twenty year-old can't make rash choices?  Like beating down fellow classmates 2 consecutive yrs

And Foster is a bottom. 


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People love to goad the great schools when they are down. Consider all of the folks laughing at Notre Dame’s expense the last few years. You might even be one of them.

I am making a mental list of people I would love to hear after we go 8-4 this year.

Bear in mind, by Michigan’s historical standards 8–4 is a bad year.


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Pretty much been going on for two years - arguably longer if you go back to App State.  People like to see the mighty fall.

Coming back will be that much sweeter.  We won't have to wait long - the resurgence commences in just over three weeks and they will all have to shut up.



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"Socrates once said that when an elephant is down even an ant will kick him"- Shaquille O'Neal... Socrates didn't actually say that but it still applies. 

Gulo Blue

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We need that game to go well.  If it doesn't...I just hope the fans in the stands can keep it together.  Booing would be such a terrible start to the year...and there are always the wrong types of fans available to join in on the kicking.

Louie C

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Valenti is a douche. If we pass the two game crucible and start off 2-0 ( which I think would go a long way in determining how the season pans out) he'll say "It was just UConn, and ND is down, with a new coach and system being implemented." Conversely, if State won those two games, he'd be creaming in his pants. "WE JUST BEAT THE BIG EAST CONTENDER!!!" "DANTONIO OUTCOACHES BRIAN KELLY AND A STACKED ND TEAM!!!!


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is a decent rushing defense.   I understand the glee of Michigan opponents right now, but honestly I'm not sure it's wise to take Michigan lightly this fall.  Many like MSU, Iowa and others probably will.   I think that would be a dumb mistake.

A lot has been made about UM's secondary depth (which is not deep and still very young), but it's not like Michigan must have a top 10, shut down, pass defense in order to be competitive in the Big Ten , much less gain a bowl berth.  A competent, decent rushing defense and some fortune in scoring defense is really all Michigan needs right now.

Losing Turner is disappointing, but come on, he was not a starter and showed no signs of threatening to become one.  Besides, after the massive attrition of a 2nd ranked 2005 recruiting class and similar flame outs from the '06, '07 and '08 class, shouldn't Michigan fans be calloused to this stuff by now?





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Graham is gone, but (1) Roh won't be the weak link he was last year, (2) Martin, Van Bergen, and the returning backups will all be bigger and better, and most of them won't be playing out of position like last year, (3) Campbell should at least be able to make the regular rotation as a space-eater, and (4) Mouton and Ezeh will probably show at least some improvement under Robinson's coaching.

The pass defense doesn't look good, with no proven safeties, just two corners who have even played a down, and no Graham to bring the heat.


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It was a stunning spittle-flecked scream fest by Valenti who blew up because the caller (Jason, I hope you post here, 'cause you went toe-to-toe with that human air-horn) challenged his credibility.  Valenti then proceeded to dash his own credibility by scream-beating the caller down shouting 26 or 27 names of players who left in the last 2-1/2 years without culling the list for those who left for the NFL or jail or lesser programs (WMU?  Really?).  He also shouted that this is unprecedented in Michigan history -- departures during the installation of a new coach and scheme, conveniently forgetting (or more likely, never knowing) that 65 of 140 players left training camp in Bo's first year, according to Chengalis' 101 Things to Know book, although I have heard that story several times before -- the genesis of Those Who Stay Will Be Champions. 

Valenti is what he is, claiming that he is just as hard on "his" program (except then it is appropriate and true).