Khoury, Cox, TRob, Morales not returning

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Per Hoke's presser today, Mike Cox, Terrance Robinson, and Rocko Khoury are graduating this spring and are not returning for next season.

Best of luck to these Michigan Men.


Stephen J. Nesbitt @stephenjnesbitt

Rocko Khoury, Terrance Robinson, Mike Cox are all graduating this spring, will be leaving football program.

EDIT: George Morales also graduating/leaving.



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and could conceivably stomach playing football for one more year, I would definitely try and parlay that into grad school. I would have to think that one of the Ivy's or Rice or somewhere similar would love to have someone who spent four years competing for time at Michigan. It might not be a higher level than Michigan, but it would be a fantastic life move, IMO.

Just my random thought, though, maybe these guys have great jobs lined up or better plans than going straight to grad school. Either way, I'm obviously appreciative of their dedication to the program and wish them luck in the future.


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I agree it's not the end of the world, but this is bordering on the 2010 cornerback situation - Justin Turner leaves, Troy Woolfolk hurts his ankle, and we're down to starting Courtney Avery and playing Terrence Talbott/Cullen Christian.  With Barnum's injury history, it's a little alarming.


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Yes "a little alarming" fits much better than "titanic loss".  I think we'll be fine.  We have some quality walkons.  The coaches saw this coming, and they couldve definitely taken another 3 linemen in the 2012 if they were super concerned.  Couldve just picked up a couple of low 3 stars, but they didn't.  Have a bit of faith in the staff.




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I was hoping Terrance Robinson would get another year -- especially as we have scholarships to give -- as he was doing really well on special teams.

Good luck to them all!


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All remaining offensive linemen have been wrapped in bubble-wrap and hermitically sealed, and will be cryogenically frozen until late August.


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This just reminded me of the board freakout last summer when we thought Demens had hurt his knee and was gone for the season. We freaked out on that thread for an hour before we learned that his friend had posted that on his facebook as a joke. That was crazy and I am not looking forward to immediately worrying about our o-line depth whenever there is a hint of an injury in pre-season practices.


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We still only have 19 spots for the class of 2013.

There are now 78 players on the roster who were given scholarships out of high school.  Obviously, the other 7 scholarships will have to be doled out to former walk-ons, including Kovacs, Brink, and Glanda, among others.

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...didn't Kovacs already get a scholarship?  Or are you talking about a different technical detail?  Or am I mixing things up with Van Slyke?  And really, while I have no problems with a scholarship for any of these guys, Kovacs, Van Slyke, anybody else... My presumption is that after a long and successful career in MLB, Andy Van Slyke could have very comfortably paid tuition for Jared...

Bravo to all of them in any event.  My favorite human interest stories in Michigan's football program are all of the walk-ons.   Great stories, great kids.