Khalid Hill vs Dave Portnoy (Barstool) on Twitter

Submitted by MacMarauder on November 29th, 2018 at 8:04 PM

Tonight there was some back and forth between Khalid Hill and Dave Portnoy (Barstool president) on Twitter.  Portnoy said on a podcast that Michigan players should apologize to him for their poor showing again OSU.  Khalid took exception to that.  Now on one hand this is just some petty twitter beef but what I find interesting is that Dave Portnoy is a Michigan grad.  I never hear about this guy around these parts, probably because the overlap between Barstool and Mgoblog is slim to none.  I assume everyone would have the Hammering Panda's back in this argument, but does Dave Portnoy have any rep among Michigan fans?  



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If he was born overweight sure but he was clearly not a fat slob in college. He let himself get that way. I’m not gonna have sympathy for someone who free willingly let’s themselves be unhealthy. Should I have sympathy for someone who becomes addicted to tobacco ? Or drugs ? It’s sad yes but to call them fat is stating the obvious if you don't like it do something about it.

UofM Die Hard …

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look .... i think Marcus ray or whoever this is spews bullshit just to stir the pot and get clicks or whatever. But enough with the fat shaming shit. It’s fuckin amateur bullshit and not appropriate. Like the man said below it’s on the level of racism and sexism so stfu.  

It took me a while to sprout up/stretch out to become slimmer but i heard it all in jr high and i will always defend anyone who is coming up against that.  So do yourself a favor and look your self in the mirror and really think about what you are saying. And if you think it’s fine your are no better than racists and sexists. 


Downvote me if you want. Don’t care 


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Mark you should apologize to the alumni you unfortunately represent by association, the football program that can't scrub your name from existence, the workers making minimum wage at endless buffet lines that cringe when you walk through the door, and to Charles Woodson who you embarass for bringing his name up everytime you mutter about the glory days while you rock back in forth in a dark corner somewhere in NE ohio.


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Spot on. If anyone has not read The Daily Beast's article on Barstool I'd suggest you do:

But this paragraph is a good summary:

Portnoy joked that a woman wearing size 6 skinny jeans “kind of deserve[s] to be raped right?”; he joked that while “we don’t condone rape,” should a woman pass out at one of their “Blackout” parties, any sexual assault is “kind of a gray area”; he referred to critics of the parties as “crazy bitches” and “ugly dykes”; Portnoy wrotea blog post snarling that he was “bringing back the word ‘c--t’”; Barstool promoted this since-deleted blog post with the headline: “Slut Reporter Drinks Cam Newton’s Jizz”; 



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You must not follow Brian on Twitter, or haven't followed him very long. Cuz, uh, there's some beef there between Brian and that prick.

Anyway, Dave Portney being a Michigan grad/fan easily slots into the top 3 things that embarrass me most about my own Michigan degree/fandom.