Key upcoming dates for Michigan Football

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I think it would be helpful to post an upcoming event guide since there is an event thread open a week too early. 
  • Big Ten Media Day (Michigan) : Friday, July 31st, 2015
    • Before the luncheon will be an autograph session at 10am, photo session at 11am.
    • I believe we get to start speaking @2pm that day.
    • Chesson, Bolden, and Ross joins Coach Jim Harbaugh to represent Michigan football.
    • Session will be carried live on BTN and ESPNU
    • B1G link is here
  • Michigan Fall Roster release : ???? (Close)
    • Usually this thing comes out the last week in July or first week in August. Keep an eye out for this one.
  • BBQ at the Big House : Sunday August 2nd, 2015
    • Big time uncomitted recruits in atttendance will be Rashan Gary, Ahmir Mitchell, Donovan Peoples-Jones, and Josh Ross.
    • TTB link is here describing more visitors. (You are Awesome, Thunder)
  • Youth Day at Michigan Stadium: Thursday, August 6th, 2015 from 2:30pm to 3:30pm
    • Youth will get a chance to interact with the Football team. Not sure if there is an autograph session at this event
    • Link is here at Mgoblue
  • The start of Michigan Fall Camp: Friday, August 7th
    • It Begins!!!!
    • Keep an eye at for the countdown to kickoff series that should startup that day with practice footage
  • Michigan at Utah : Thursday, September 3rd @ 8:30pm
    • Opening game of the 2015 football season
    • Will be televised on FS1 (Fox Sports channel)
    • hopefull we exact revenge on them, i hated when one of their players ran back a punt and did the Desmond Howard heisman pose in our house. He should have been layed out like Teague did to Terrell owens in Dallas. link here. End of rant.
Please add to the post is if I missed anything. Go Blue!



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Unless declared earlier by management, which has occurred in the past, the official close of OT Season should happen sometime within the week of the 24th of August as well (that weekend at the latest - traditionally, it ends about a week before the first game), so for those who are longing for that, your wait will not be terribly long. 

That's blog-related, of course, but I thought I would mention it in case anyone was wondering.


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Throughout the 2015-2016 Michigan Athletics year, are threads concerning international football (soccer) permissible off-topic threads, as long as no politics or religion sneaks into the thread?
For some of us who follow international football (soccer) and enjoy the discussions on MGoBlog about the sport, there also are several key dates coming up in the next few weeks as pre-season training comes to a close with the Community Shield match between Arsenal and Chelsea in Wembley Stadium in London (August 2), the beginning of the regular season in national leagues (August 8 in England) and in UEFA’s Champions (Group stages start September 15 and 16) and Europa leagues (Group stages start September 17), the player transfer window closes (September 1), international friendlies occur (September 3 - 10), Euro 2016 qualifying resumes (September 3) and for the USMNT both 2016 Olympics qualifying takes place (October 1 - 13) and the fourth round of CONCACAF 2018 World Cup qualifying takes place (November 9 and 17.)


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bulletin board material. That game / moment was one of many embarrassments last year. Not sure if the players ever get anything but a clinical play by play view of each game, versus the big picture feel, but watching the television version of every one should have been required before spring practice. (Net: if that was ok to you / it was just a few key blocks or coverage corrections, have a nice life. If you are embarrassed and angry, and this eats at the competitor in you, you're in.)

Honk if Ufer M…

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That was a truly weak horseshit Heisman pose!

 I was right there on the side of the end zone a few rows back and 5 yards deep for the original, it was like a command performance right in front of me! So to paraphrase a famous presidential debate moment; I knew the Heisman pose, and you're no Heisman poser Utah motherfucker! (Or, Desmond did the Heisman pose but you're just a Heisman poser)

Cool story bro: The afternoon of Under The Lights I met Desmond's dad, who was there because of the pregame ceremony honoring Des that night of course. It was him, some sort of aunt or something and a family friend at Hoover and Green, they were all decked out in maize and blue & had VIP credentials around their necks, so I asked if they were a players family &  he told me who he was.  I was so excited to find out who he was, I said man, I was there for every home game he played, I saw the Superman catch, I saw this, I saw that, I was right there for the Heisman pose & all the great moments... he paused for the perfect amount of comedic beats and said in a deep voice, with a big smile... so was I... Classic! haha


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I may be wrong but I think in the past the roster is released when the players report for camp, usually the day before the first official day for practice. I would assume this involves a weigh in.


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I think that was kinda that point. Im guessing Harghbaugh doesn't want to waste time on a fan appreciation day, he'd rather the team be getting ready for the start of fall practice. However, on the other hand the athletic department/PR department didn't want to take away an event that was supposed to be for the youth. Thus the resulting 1 hour "youth" day event.

Sac Fly

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That dude fom Utah is a clown. That's the same guy who dropped a pass at the 1 yard line to start his touchdown celebration and Oregon returned it for a touchdown.