Kevin Sousa setting up new visits

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I thought it was noteworthy to post that Kevin Sousa is officially setting up new visits with other schools.  The fact that he is doing so immediately following his Ann Arbor visit probably says a lot.  I know Tom had suggested something along these lines in his weekly update, but now it appears more official.  I can't be sure whether this was mutual or "mutual," but the chances of Sousa playing somewhere else next year are beginning to grow. 

He has already scheuled an official visit with Middle Tennessee State for this upcoming weekend.



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that Michigan is feeling really good about Marquise Williams who happens to be higher on their target list.  It's a shame that Michigan is slow playing Sousa and if he were to go somewhere else, I wish him the best of luck.

Wolverine in 312

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has only been playing quarterback for two years. He's raw as hell, but after watching film, he looks like a damn good player, IME. Also, his team is terrible. Give the kid some coaching and he will be good. Probably not Denard good, but good. good.

I was sold on him when I saw him bury a linebacker with a forearm shivver. Reminds me of a shorter Cam Newton.


October 20th, 2010 at 9:10 PM ^ if it means that the coaching staff thinks there's a better QB option out there and they've mutually decided to enter a "let's see other people" phase.


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So two recruits may sort of decommit and the schools they are visiting are Middle Tennessee State and Syracuse. Sounds more like we haven't been showing them the love. Kind of makes me think of Rod Tidwell and Jerry Maguire.


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If he's visiting a school like MTSU he may want to play right away. Michigan is set at QB and he's probably aware that there will be more QB recuits (Nick Patti maybe). He could switch positions, but that would take time and it's no guarantee of playing time.


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For the Karma factor. Middle Tennesse State suggests his mojo is hurting from the wretched team that he plays on. Patti may be the man but 5'9" (his listed height on Rivals) is short even for this offense. Is that a misprint?


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Notable quote:


 "My commitment to Michigan is the same as their commitment to me. I want to be their guy but I was also told that they are going after another quarterback. I am still committed, but am visiting these schools because the coaches at these schools have done and continue to do a great job in recruiting me. The chance to play early is something I am looking at as well.”


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So let me get this straight and please correct me if I am missing something. He has only been playing football for a few years as previously he was a soccer player. He is a raw yet talented player who got an offer from Michigan flew up the following weekend and committed. Now he wants early playing time and is willing to go to MTSU to get it. My mind is officially blown.


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more like we are still going after other QBs.  You are welcome to stay commited but the position will have a lot of competition.  Can we stop trying to make RR out to be a villian at the same time bitching about the "lack of stars" and "lack of talent" he has recruited.  Let the man do what he can. He knows everyone has or is running out of patience with the program.


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I don't think people are vilifying RR. They are merely pointing out that the recruiting process can be difficult for a 17 year old kid. A lot of these kids must rely only on football as their ticket to college so the pressure is on. I think Sousa is one of the lucky ones though, since he does have options.


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it's not really by his choice, but that's just me.  Here's another quote in the same link


Sousa was disappointed in the lack of contact people had with him saying, "it seemed people in the program did not know I was their 2011 committed quarterback." 


It seems like UM was not exactly making him feel wanted.  The playing time bit may just be the excuse he uses to back away from the commitment and save face, who knows.




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With Robinson, Forcier, and Gardner ahead of him on the depth chart at the time of his commitment, there's no way he would've gotten playing time in years 1 & 2 and he would probably be the primary backup in year 3 unless Gardner completely busts. So he had to know that serious playing time was available for 2 (or maybe 3, if Gardner can't step up to the plate) years with a redshirt or 1 (maybe 2) year without.

The coaching staff appears to have signalled to Sousa that he is no longer wanted. This is very irritating. First of all, if you aren't going to want him on the team, then don't let him commit. We complain about things like oversigning and then go an pull this kind of crap. Second of all, this kind of thing will come back to bite us if recruits start to think that a commitment to Michigan doesn't mean that they're assured a spot in the class, which will could lead future commits to take more visits after their commitments.

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Its def. a high risk high reward type mindset. Richrod seems to like to go after players that are high risk when it comes to academic clearinghouse and that hasnt gone well for us. However, if Rich feels he has a great chance of landing a stud QB i say go for it.


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LC had the juice, and rightfully so, he earned it, to slip a lot of these types of kids through the door.

No.  If a kid didn't qualify, he didn't get in under Carr, either.  Lloyd simply didn't recruit as many borderline kids.  My guess is that RR, coming off the poor 2008 season, had to take chances on some kids to get the class numbers up.  Unfortunately, some of them didn't come through in the classroom.  I think this will be less of an issue as the program improves.

His Dudeness

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This is nothing new. RR knows that he has to lock up guys early and then see what he can get as the year goes on. He has done this before and will do it again. It is semi-lame, but nothing as bad as what Saban does so I guess I am ok with it.