Kenny Williams No Longer Considering Michigan

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Does this mean good news on the Jaylen Brown front?


Former VCU signee Kenny Williams tells me he is no longer considering Michigan.

— Alejandro Zúñiga (@ByAZuniga) April 30, 2015

Former VCU signee Kenny Williams tells ESPN he is down to Virginia and North Carolina.

— Jeff Borzello (@jeffborzello) April 30, 2015



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I dont blame Beilein in any way for this.  It is difficult to have 2 players like this so late - UM is not necessarily a leader for either.  So at that point you take your 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 chance on a top 2 recruit and you tell the top 80 guy he has to wait for option #1 to clear.  I am sure it was obvious to Williams what was happening and I'd understand he'd prefer to go where there is a clear opening - also to be blunt with Caris here I didnt see him playing almost at all as a freshman and top 100 guys usually want to play a lot early, esp wings/guards.


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I'm sure JB was upfront with Williams about this. Why not? Michigan is in play for a transformative player and will take him over Williams if he comes. Williams, understandably, is focusing on sure-thing options.

Michigan will be pretty good next year with or without Williams. Brown comes and we're looking at Final Four expectations. Why not shoot for the moon? You lose, we see guys like MAAR grow up. You win, and the program approaches perennial powerhouse territory.

We shot for the moon for Harbaugh. It worked. It was the right move regardless. Beilein is all in on Brown. It might work. But I like the move regardless.


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He had just scheduled a visit, so it doesn't make sense to stop considering Michigan so quickly unless he was told they had filled up...

Brown will be blue.  Title contention time. 


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Williams only had an offer if Coach Beilein deviated from what he's done with every other recruit (to my knowledge) since he's been at Michigan.  Michigan almost certainly didn't turn away a commitment from Williams.

Stringer Bell

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Which is why I have to think Williams was told something by the coaching staff pertaining to that last remaining scholarship.  Why else eliminate Michigan so soon after he set a visit date?  He seemed to be very high on Michigan prior to today as I recall.  Not trying to get into the head of an 18 year old because I know that's a dangerous game but I don't see any other reason for Williams to do this.


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Maybe I'm just being optimistic, but he just scheduled a visit to Michigan and then says Michigan is out of it. I feel like this could be good news for us on Jaylen Brown.


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he was always rumored to want to stay local, but ya why schedule visit and then cancel next day.

also (not trying to misinterpret)


So excited to see all the great recruits coming into the B1G Conference. We are the best Men's Basketball Conference in the Country!


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If indeed this development is a precursor to good news, which of course remains to be seen, then I would think we should treat ourselves around here. DiBella's perhaps, if we discover that we might be needing some celebratory catering. I am sure that the paid staff of the site would find a way to budget this for several thousand regular daily visitors.