Kelvin Grady: Summer Internship

Submitted by HartAttack20 on June 25th, 2011 at 3:50 PM

I just came across this interesting video on regarding Kelvin Grady's progress in his continued studies at Michigan. He discusses his internship at Walmart and his work in grad school. Not really a ton of information in the video, but I thought it was interesting to see nonetheless. Since it's the offseason, I figured somebody would want to see it. Not a big fan of Walmart myself, but it is great to get a behind the scenes look at what he is learning. Link is here.

SIAP, but if it is then it has a terrible title.



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Grady seems very dedicated in not just earning a degree but a high level degree.  The next level of football may not be in his future, but a great career is.  I did two internships because I was told the more you do the better chances to get ahead of other contendors going for the same position.  Good luck to you Grady.


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Wal-Mart would be a really interesting company to get to see behind the scenes. I doubt it's very different than any other place at the individual store level though.

Also, Grady didn't mention what he was getting his masters in, is he at Ross?

Schweddy Balls

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While the ever so classless MSU fan likes to disparage those who didn't go to Michigan  and call them Walmart Wolverine, the example of a true Wolverine getting experience at Walmart is pretty damn important if you ask me. Walmart, for whatever you think about the company, is a great place to learn about management. The company's success can not be ignored.


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Yeah, ummmmm Michigan football would never be a power program were it not for the countless Walmart Wolverines that comprise a HUGE percentage of their dan base. Sparty is just lashing out because there's no such thing as a Wal Mart Spartan. Except for those three kids who grew up down the street in EL


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I worked as a cashier at a Meijer one summer, and the managers had tangible perks over the underlings.  Given the choice, I would be a manager.