Kelly to Stay at ND

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NDHardin (director of media relations):


"@NDFootball @CoachBrianKelly will remain head coach at Notre Dame, he announced today. Statement to soon."





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this just makes it more fun when we cleveland steamroller them next year in the big house. Dont have to hear their fans use this as an excuse for why they lose 3 or 4 games like they should have this year, now way that team gets all the breaks again


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And it wouldn't change my perception of the overall strength of ND's program either way. He is a good coach, but he doesn't instill the same amount of fear in me as a Michigan fan as Urban Meyer does. Meyer's the guy I wish would start flirting with the NFL. Aside from Nick Saban, he was the only coach I thought could legitimately put Michigan at any type of long-term disadvantage vs Ohio in the post RichRod era. He's not unbeatable, obviously, but as long as he's running things in Columbus I will always have angst about beating those guys. I have no such fear when it comes to Brian Kelly and Notre Dame.


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But for much of Tressel's tenure, I never feared the Vest so much as I doubted our own coaching staff and cursed some bad luck (ton of injuries that hurt us in 05 and 07, Braylan's offensive PI in 02, Bo's death in 06, etc). Had we brought in the Hoke coaching staff in 08 instead of RichRod, I believe we would have brought balance to The Game even with Tressel still there. Tressel got his guys prepped for The Game, no doubt, but he was merely an excellent recruiter (on par with Hoke and the first half of the Carr era) whereas Meyer has the SEC-style recruiting chops to match his game day coaching ability. The reason I don't fear Brian Kelly is because I think he's on par with Hoke. There's nothing incremental Kelly and his staff bring to the table that we're not seeing from the Hoke/Borges/Mattison trifecta.

Meyer is a different beast. Flat out, the guy brings all the substance to coaching and recruiting that Hoke, Kelly and Tressel had but on top of that he presents a style and polish that the other guys don't. He's always finding a way to get himself on ESPN - free marketing time right there. He has connections recruiting-wise in certain states where most of the Big 10 can't generate significant interest from 4-5 star talent. And the worst part about it is that he's still relatively young - if he wants to, he can easily stay in Columbus for another 10-12 years. There is one guy in the Michigan coaching tree with all the same mix of attributes as Meyer - Harbaugh. Harbaugh would be able to offset all of these incremental advantages that Meyer has introduced to the equation, because he's got that same style/polish/flair that plays well with national big time recruits.

I don't mean to come across as disparaging Hoke or Kelly, by the way. I think both are excellent coaches and Hoke will have a much better record vs Meyer than what Carr and RichRod did vs Tressel. Personally, I love Hoke and everything he's been able to do so far. But Meyer in my opinion is one of the 2 or 3 best coaches in all of college football. Looking down the barrel of a guy like that running your biggest rival's program for the next decade is scary.

I miss my college years for many reasons, but the biggest one is John Cooper. Come back Coop!


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...will not endear him to the college football's most self-adoring alumni who think you should die in this job if you have the chance. That, and recruits have to know that elf has his eyes on the bigger prize...


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Don't see anything but positives for Kelly here. People keep talking about how talking to an NFL team on his way to vacation is somehow going to hurt recruiting and his image when I think he knew exactly what he was doing and, kids leaving anyway aside, will actually help recruiting. Kids want to be coached by what they feel is the best and the NFL is the best. So, how does it hurt Kelly to be able to tell kids "Yeah, the Eagles begged me but I just couldn't leave ND. Why would you?!? *insert snarky recruiting laugh with recruit and family*"? He now has the NFL cat call to hang his hat on while obviously being a great recruiter. I'm sure kids will believe him when he says he is an ND lifer while liking that the NFL wanted him. Coaches do this and have before. Being coveted or even vetted by an NFL team is almost equal to having been an assistant in the NFL (especially to recruits). Kelly knew what he was doing.

Mabel Pines

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to see a picture of Brian Kelly's face all red and yell-y, with some clever quote about how he is staying from the funny MGOBLOGgers underneath it.  

 Sad face.  :(