Kelly to ND--a bigger effect on OSU than UM recruiting?

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If Kelly goes to ND as expected, I wonder if he will be able to pull more recruits from OSU. Even though he won't be in Ohio anymore, ND has higher visibility than Cinci and Kelly's more recent connections are to high schools in Ohio and its southern neighbors. I know he was also in the state of Michigan (at CMU) at some point. But his connections in MI probably won't be as active now.



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He will probably have a bigger effect on U of M recruiting because he will be going after the same type of athlete (spread). The only positions on offense he could effect OSU is WR and RB.


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I kind of wonder, though, who he would recruit that most other schools wouldn't seek out as well. Kelly's offense is similar to those you see in the Big 12 (UT, Mizzou, and TTech specifically), parts of the Pac-10, and other schools on the rise. He wants quick WRs and guys who can run after the catch, and RBs who are competent receivers out of the backfield. A swift offensive line probably helps, but in pass defense you'll accept a slightly bigger guy as compared to RR's read-option attack. I'm sure there will be some overlap for guys like Roundtree, but beyond that I'm not sure there will be any new competition for players between the two schools - elite guys on offense will be sought after by every head coach.


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Kelly coached in the state of Michigan for over 20 years. He left for like, three. And he's been pulling people out of Michigan the whole time at Cincy. I'm not really convinced. Besides, it's not like we don't pull people out of Ohio, too.


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michigan players since the statements he made during the murder case involving some of his players at CMU. idk that he's gonna all of a sudden start taking OSU's plan A type players from ohio but they will certainly shake up midwestern recruiting. this should be fun


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were (allegedly) involved in a murder. BK did everything but tamper with the investigation by telling his players not to cooperate with police. he also made comments that blacks don't talk to cops and that it's something of a cultural thing. his comments were seen as racist. as a black man myself i'd say there's a lot of truth to his comments but that's an argument for another day. at any rate the whole situation has made him persona non grata at some SE Michigan HS's.

as i understand it


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can they put conditions on that release? Seems kind of harsh. If i'm not mistaken, a coach can break an employment contract with a university and go where ever the hell he (or she) wants. More evidence of kids getting the short end of the $billion college athetic industy, perhaps.


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I think Kelly's best connections are with the western side of the state. Southwest Michigan sends a lot of kids the Domers' way anyway, but Kelly might win battles for a Grady or Taylor here and there.


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and Kelly hasn't been so far (although recruiting at CMU and UC is much more difficult than at ND).

In any case, Weis recruited really well, and I don't know why Kelly would be a better recruiter at ND or how he can improve their D.


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Can you imagine how many times Fat Charlie told kids "You'll never get into the NFL playing in the spread at Michigan." "Come to ND (then he flashes the Super Bowl Rings on his bratwurst-like fingers) I'll get you into the league, I've got connections."

Well, there will be no more of that, at least not from ND anyway.
Although i'm positive they will find another way to negative recruit us.

Simi Maquoketa

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This site:

Shows Cincinnati currently has thirteen players from the state of Michigan on its roster, inlcuding six from what I remember to be the Detroit area.

The question is whether Notre Dame will give him more presence in Michigan recruiting, as Notre Dame has been able to always pull kids from there.

I think he will impact (if he's a good recruiter) the national scene more, though.

If you look at Notre Dame and why they haven't been successful since Lou Holtz left, IMO it's because they haven't hired a guy with a track record like Kelly's. They went with Bob Davie (a coordinator), Willingham (a Flash in the pan), the Weiss--a pro coordinator with no previous HC experience at the college or pro level.

With kelly, if it happens, they will be getting a program builder, a guy who has cut his teeth at different levels and been successful, a guy who plays a different type of spread than UM (pass first--to me more of a pro-style spread), and a guy who leaves programs in a very healthy state when he leaves.

The one thing he'll battle are those so-called higher admissions standards ND has--but I don't know whether that has as big an impact on ND as their fans would lead us to believe.

I don't see any downside to this hire, other than Kelly jumping to the NFL if he is successful in South Bend. If you are talking about a 2-3 year rebuild followed by a four to five year successful run--he'd be about 55 or 56 by then (born in 1961)--would he leave if he's got it going and might be the toast of the town for a school that has to be starved for football success?

One thing I will say: If Notre Dame can look the other way at his political views and not be worried about any racially insensitive remarks he made (doesn't seem to bother the African-American players he recruits)--then NOBODY should use these types of situations as excuses not to make the right hire anymore (COUGH JIM HARBAUGH COUGH)--if, of course, it IS the right hire.


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Your comments were though-provoking. Yet, the point you make that ND hasn’t “hired a guy with a track record like Kelly's” could have been said about all their other coaches. They all had something the other coaches did not (see link

Also, Willingham didn’t exactly seem to be a flash in the pan when he came to ND (Twice Pac10 coach of the year and a candidate for national coach of the year--also coached in a conference, the pac10, much tougher than Cincinatti's). It was only after ND wrecked Willingham's career that he seemed to be a "flash in the pan."

Maybe Kelly is the best they can do right now. But it remains to be seen how Kelly will hold up under the scrutiny given to the ND head coach.

Thanks for the info on the Cinci roster. By my count, Kelly has on his roster 60 recruits in OH or states bordering OH (excluding the 13 from MI)
50 OH
13 MI
10 Other (KY, WVU, PA, IND)

By contrast, he has on his roster 20 players in MI or in states bordering MI (excluding the 50 in OH)
13 MI

So, while he will be moving out of OH to a state bordering both OH and MI (ie IND), it's not clear to me from his current roster that this will have a bigger effect on UM. The one other factor that might affect UM more is the fact that ND and UM both take higher quality academic players than OSU. So, maybe you are right. Time will tell.


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Nicely said for the most part,

With kelly, if it happens, they will be getting a program builder, a guy who has cut his teeth at different levels and been successful, a guy who plays a different type of spread than UM (pass first--to me more of a pro-style spread)

I think this is a good point in particular, its one that is being largely overlooked by the ND boards as well.


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Just wait till he gets to ND and can recruit 4- and 5-star athletes. He'll be unstoppable.

Wait, something tells me I've heard that before.