Kellen Russell NATIONAL CHAMP!!!

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Congrats Kellen.  He finishes the season 38-0.  After what looked like a bad injury in the first he guts it out and wins 3-2!



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about wrestling, watch the 157 final. There is a true freshman from Penn State (Taylor) facing a former Penn State wrestler (Jenkins). Also, the 165 wrestler (Burroughs) from Nebraska might just be the best wrestler at any weight. And the 174 from Iowa State (Reader) is unbeaten and is from Davison, Michigan.


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As a wrestling coach, it's awesome to see all these elite wrestlers going at it.  People have no idea just how good these kids are at what they do.


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Hey Chunkums, what I have always been curious about is at the elite levels, how can one indivdual dominate so much.  Take Kellen as an example, 38 matches in one year, 38-0.  You would think through all that there would be at least one loss.  And this happens on a regular basis.  One of my friends in college (granted D3), won 3 NC and his only loss in 4 years was in the championship match as a freshman.  I would think at this level, there would be a little more balance.  Thanks for any insight.


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The big things that separate the very good from the elite are mental toughness and precision.  In high school and college, the best wrestlers are the ones who live it, rather than just doing it as a sport.  To these people, precision execution of moves just becomes instinctive and they know the exact move to do immediately when presented with a new situation without even thinking.  Also, there's something to be said for natural literacy of the sport.  Some people are just really naturally good at using their weight to add to all the work you put in.  

With the mental toughness thing, the best wrestlers know they are the best.  A lot of times the big difference between who wins a scramble and who loses is just a matter of who is willing to push harder to get there.  Elite wrestlers see no option other than winning, and do not have mental breakdowns in matches.


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Brent Metcalf of Iowa (Davison, Michigan). There was a kid tonight who won a title, Bubba Jenkins. Anyways, Metcalf DOMINTAED him throughout college. One time, Jenkins scored the first takedown. Metcalf escaped real fast and when he got up, he just looked angry. He then scored 10 takedowns or so on Jenkins and still looked unhappy. That's the difference. He KNEW he was better because he trained like he was for his entire life.


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Anthony Robles from ASU won the national championship. What's even more amazing is he doesn't have a right leg.  Props to him for being the national champion!


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The importance of legs in wrestling can not be stressed enough in wrestling, which is one of the most balance-centric sports out there.  I can't tell you how many times I had to tell my wrestlers to watch their balance and keep a wide base throughout the year.


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Congratulations to Kellen Russell, my heart went out to him when he got that injury.  The sheer guts and fortitude he showed deserved nothing less than the national championship, which thank God he won.

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Congrats to Kellen! What a great representative for Michigan. This should help recruiting for wrestling along with the new state of the art practice facility.

Things are looking bright for all of the Michigan sports teams. It's GREAT to be a Michigan Wolverine!


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God I'm so proud of him, such a great result for him and the future of Michigan wrestling.  Hopefully we're a program to be reckoned with in the future.