Keith Washington to WVU

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Washington was part of the CB competition in the spring and fall before leaving the team during fall camp, to some concern. Obviously a lot of that was unfounded. But best of luck to him. WVU has previously taken Kyle Bosch and Ryan Mundy. 



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Rich Rod was not a good fit for us and he deserves crap for that. But he did a really really good job for West Virginia back in the day. I mean, he was one game away from going to the championship game, and this is when they were in the Big East. Granted West Virginia is in a much better conference now, but they haven't come close to getting back to that level they were at with Rich Rod.


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from a championship because his team played in the woeful Big East.  Sorry, but the guy has a great offensive system when he gets the right personel and his QB never gets hurt, which is never.  Overall he's a poor coach and a poor manager of a program.  10 years later and his teams still lose games the same way, terrible defense, terrible special teams, terrible turnovers and mistakes that just should not happen to a well coached team.


Once a year they'll pop up and play a top team tough or beat them and once a year they'll screw the pooch and lose horribly to a bad team, the rest of the time is 50-50 meddling between winning and losing games they should or shouldn't.




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And Michael Ferns. Ferns ended up leaving WVU football (but stayed at the school) to focus on academics (engineering major).

His younger brother Brendan just finished his RS FR year as a LB at WVU. He's missed each of his first two years due to injury.


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I am a high school defensive assistant here in Michigan. It is absolutely mind numbing to me how bad Big 12 and Pac 12 defenses are/can be. Granted, there's a BIG, BIG difference between any level of college and the level I coach at, but I have a hard time feeling good about wins when we give up 20 or more. I have always wanted to be a fly on the wall for a Sunday or Monday meeting for some of these staffs. 


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That goes with a different offensive one. Having covered HS football in different states as a reporter, you can see a philosophical difference between areas (in my case between the midwest and the west coast). Texas football, the lifeblood of most all Big 12 programs other than WVa, is really heavy spread. Someone's usually open and qbs are great at finding them. If you're a defensive coach, i think you're accepting you're going to be scored on. You focus more on getting turnovers and maximizing the number of plays it takes for the offense to move down the field. 


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Totally agree. There is an interesting stat that I follow and it's points per possession. In some of those areas where the spread, mile a second offenses play, that can be a better indicator of a defense's overall success compared to the traditional stats. Where I'm at, offenses are, or can be, extremely proficient, but I still throw up in my mouth when we give up more than what I think we should. 


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a quick squad I put together of transfers who made significant impacts at their next school/NFL. I know I may be missing a few or over-estimated some impacts.

QB: Mallet (Ark), Morris (CMU)

RB: Fargas (USC), Rawls (CMU)

WR: Sam McGuffie (Rice/ 54 Rec in 2012 v. 5 carries) 

OT: Tuley-Tilman (Akron/UTEP) (arguably not a transfer)

OC/OG: Bosch (WVU), Justin Boren (OSU)


DT: Richard Ash (WMU)


CB: Johnny Sears (EMU)

S: Mundy (WVU)