Keith Washington to Copiah-Lincoln CC

Submitted by GoBlueinMN on September 12th, 2017 at 1:17 PM

According to Steve Lorenz, recent transfer Keith Washington has landed at Copiah-Lincoln Community College in Mississippi. Hopefully he can play well there and work his way to another D-1 program.…

For those of you who have watched Last Chance U, Co-Lin is EMCC's main rival.



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Particularly for a kid who was so willing to impress Harbaugh in person before he became a part of the class.

I dunno, it'd be a bit like hearing something like Kurt Taylor is transferring because of a position change. I wouldn't believe it.


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Something about this whole situation doesn't feel right, but at the end of the day the why's aren't important.  It's too bad he is going to play out his education and playing career elsewhere and I wish him well with both.


September 12th, 2017 at 2:28 PM ^

I agree, and if I remember correctly, he was a guy who cared a lot about academics.  Didn't we turn him from Cal?  And I think Duke and UNC were high on his list at various times.  He seemed like the kind of kid who would have graduated in three years and then could have grad transferred for his last two years if he was still unhappy with his playing time.

Either way, I hope it works out for him and he doesn't have any regrets.


September 13th, 2017 at 8:42 AM ^

Just getting out in front of it. Too many times threads like these get into speculation, rumors or lies to just get upvotes. If the University, Head Coach, or player wanted to release information on WHY they transfered, they would do so. The reasons don't need to be fleshed out on MGoBlog. 

The Mad Hatter

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or at least it was in the late 90's.  A friend of a friend was making around 120k (probably with OT) at Northwest Airlines back then as a mechanic.

I'd totally do that job if I was 20 years younger.  And if fucking up didn't mean 300 people were going to die.


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FYI: In case any of you missed this bit of news, the next season of Last Chance U will take place at Independence Community College. The Michigan link? It's the new home of Kingston Davis. I thought Washington might end up there, too, since they're both from Prattville, but it didn't happen.

Mr. Yost

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I don't blame them...but I definitely don't blame him at all either.

They pieced together the storyline to make him a villain in a special kind of way. He provided plenty of content, but sometimes it wouldn't even be the same day and they would put clips together to feed the story they were trying to tell.

I felt like Season 1 was a documentary...I loved Season 2 as well, but it felt more like a movie. The plotlines were so clear. I think they showed Isaiah Wright and his girlfriend sitting on their beds in every episode and used the coversation to feed at least 5 different storylines in 5 different episodes.

Same with Ms. Brittany. 

That said, I'm looking forward to a new school, they should change it up every 2 years anyway.