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Submitted by Steve Lorenz on February 12th, 2012 at 11:33 AM

Hey guys, to be honest I didn't really expect too much when talking with Keith Ford, the #1 running back in the country according to 247 Sports, but our discussion regarding Michigan ended up being pretty interesting. Check it out: Keith Ford

EDIT: Ford is the #2 RB, but the top player in the state of Texas. He's #20 overall as well. Sorry about the confusion. 



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I think there's a chance that Texas takes Dontre Wilson and calls it a year. But I'm not familiar with their RB needs or class size this year. I'll try to reach out to some Texas guys and see if I can get these Qs answered.

EDIT: Reached out to Jeff Howe, one of Texas' 247 guys, and got this response when I asked how many RBs Texas plans to take....

a true TB and an all-purpose guy if it's the right two. Could change, obviously.


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Aqua, you make me happy.  Just tried to think about this but I'm still currently too hung-over... anyone want to brainstorm what other schools could combine:

1. Tier 1 (i.e. top 3 team in a top 5 conference) football program.

2. Good overall education.

3. Solid engineering, mechanical especially.

I'm glad this kid cares about academics, even if football and engineering proved to be too challenging to be success in both areas, at least this proves the kid has his mind in the right place and isn't choosing a football team, he's chooing a university.  That's the most important thing about college athletics and something that is often overlooked in college football...  

1. Education 2. Football



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It's really cool to see the athletes who care about the academic side as well as sports, and it doesn't hurt that Michigan's Mechanical Engineering prorgram is top notch.


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Texas has some other running back targets from what it seems. Also, Keith Ford highlights:


Love to have this kid aboard. Does not go down without a fight. He has some very nice cutbacks.

The Baughz

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Didnt Texas just bring in the nation's top running back this year? Im not saying this kid is afraid of competition, but I would have to think that might sway his decision a bit. He can come to Michigan and be the man for 3-4 years all while getting a top notch degree. (I am still on the Ty Isaac bandwagon, so this is just hpothetically saying we dont get Isaac and land Ford, which would be great, too).


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One would think (hope?) that in the Shane era we would be much more attractive to backs like Ford than we are right now.  As we transition to a more "traditional" offense the RB becomes much more a focal point in the offense and given Borges's stated preference to have one "meal cow" I'm guessing we start picking up the elite RBs.

It would not surprise me a bit if we get him.  Especially if we have a good year and maybe a good showing in his home state next September!


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In addition to Morris and the style of offense, I would like to think there's a recognition that Michigan has done a bang-up job with the offensive line in the 2012 signing.  Add to that some beefy TEs and a FB blocking and it must be a dream for a running back.

Plus -- I really believe this -- the authenticity of Hoke is starting to get recognized by recruits.  The whole program has Hoke's fingerprints of responsibility and accountability all over it.  It may seem old-fashioned to say it, but I really do think there are young men out there that just yearn to be part of something like that.


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Would be a HUGE get. Has a sub 4.4 speed and hits the hole hard. Since were in on so many big time running backs it would be hard not to land at least one. I still want us to go after Berekly Edwards though he has lightning speed and big threat possibilities


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I think I read recently that Jackson's trips down south for the 2012 signing class were really curtailed from the past ... that his focus was on Michigan / Ohio for 2012.  I know Hoke's emphasis was on local talent first, then branch out from there.  I wonder if this is a sign of Jackson (or other recruiters) venturing back out?  Or simply a high-profile recruit receiving big school offers based on high rankings?  Anyone have a sense for that?


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but Ford strikes me as a very long shot, simply from a distance standpoint. I've heard the "academics is very important to me" line so many times from kids who end up going to schools with markedly inferior credentials that I don't take it seriously anymore.