Kareem Walker to Commit on December 17th

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@RivalsFriedman: This #Rivals100 RB to commit on Dec 17. Some of the finalists are #Michigan #ASU #FSU #Auburn sports.yahoo.com/ncaa/football/… @rivalsmike @Rivals This is probably good news.



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247 Had Green at 8th, and Deveon Smith at 16th. Only Rivals had Green at #1.

For insight, Alabama had the 5th and 6th ranked RBs in 2013, ahead of Green and Smith, and for what it's worth, both have been dismissed from the team and one tragically died 3 months ago, clearly with alchohol/psychological issues.

Not everything goes according to plan.


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Bush 16th announced right after a Harbaugh home visit

Walker 17th announced right after a Harbaugh home visit

We'll see if a pattern emerges.

Webb also saying today the loss of DJ Durkin has affected prospects on Lavert Hill and opened the door to others, and this weekend official is very big.  They had a very good relationship and now we have a blank there instead.  Said Lavert was "flustered" yesterday on phone conversation with the other Scout guy (not Webb).   Not great.

Wolverine 73

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Interesting, because I would have thought Jackson and Zordich were far more critical to a DB prospect.  You know Harbaugh is going to play a press corners defense, so the DC change won't affect that.  Moreover, Lavert has to have insider knowledge from Delano.  "Flustered" seems like it might be an exaggeration to me.