Karan Higdon at Senior Bowl practice buzz

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I've heard some great things about Karan Higdon this week and how he impressed people who were at the Senior Bowl practices. He showed that he can catch, block and run routes which is something that he wasn't asked to do much at Michigan. Stock is on the upswing for Higdon. He's still a day 3 pick but could sneak into tailend of day 3 due to production, violent running style and big play potential.

Quote from Jeff Risdon who was there had something good to say about Higdon:

"What stood out about the 5-9, 203-pound Wolverine was his work in the passing game in Mobile. That was not something he got much of a chance to show during his time at Michigan, but Higdon looked great catching the ball, protecting the QB and blowing past coverage on wheel routes"




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Scouts were impressed with his physique, as well. 

From an interview with Chris Burke at the Athletic, after Higdon weighed in at 5-9, 203 pounds:

> Burke: "I don’t know if you caught people by surprise or what, but there was a definite reaction when you came out [on the weight-in stage]. Did you notice it?"

> Higdon: "Yeah, there were gasps when I walked out. You just hear all the pens and papers … it was just like awe. You could hear a pin drop."

Gentleman Squirrels

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Really hope he finds a place in the NFL. He may be a little short as a RB (in terms of taking on blockers). But he can be explosive as a downhill and a left to right runner. 

I really hope Gattis starts throwing to RBs more. That would be a perfect quick passing option that can get yards in chunks


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And this is why hes playing at Senior Bowl and didnt play Peach Bowl. He's showing stuff there that Michigan didn't ask him to do during his career at Michigan