Karan Higdon 2015 RB Sarasota Florida 5ft10 185lbs

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http://www.hudl.com/athlete/o/1189994/highlights/54135376Hey guys!  Just updating those interested from the previous posts.  Karan is off to a good start thus far this season.  He rushed for 196 yards on 36 carries against 7A Palmetto.  He followed that performance up with 215 yards on 21 carries against Bayshore High in Bradenton.  Karan had touchdown runs of 85 yards and 15 yards.  This week we have crosstown rival Booker High.  Tennessee has offered and the trio of Florida power schools are picking up interest......but Karan keeps cheesing about Michigan :)   Karan also holds a 4.0 GPA in honors classes which is pretty impressive.  I have a few more clips from his Spring Game and a few runs from the Bayshore game.  I'll be making a new premium highlight soon on Hudl!  Heading up to the UTL2 this weekend and going to talk face to face with Chris Singletary....so hopefully that will progress things.  Check out the film and feel free to comment fellas!  Go Blue!!!!



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We are 8A and we play Venice...East Lake (off the schedule this year) Manatee and Southeast to name a few. We have been a historical powerhouse that has been down in recent years. We getting back though. ..and Karan is a BIG reason why.


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He is pretty well known down here and the surrounding states. Chris Singletary will be aware of him soon though. His interest in Michigan sparked after doing some research on the program and a few tidbits ive been able to share with him.


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Nice highlights on Hudl. As others said, he looks like he has great instincts and can find just about any hole left to him, not to mention some pretty good speed - seems like he almost doesn't need to be past the second level to be pretty much gone. 


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Do we have space for him, I am no scout, but he does look good.  What do I know.  We have Harris in 2015, and a small class.  Would love to have him.  Are we still in on Patrick too?

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First, people have different names.  I'm sure you're not the first person to notice that OH GOD HIS NAME LOOKS LIKE KAREN WHICH IS A NAME FOR A GIRL TRADITIONALLY.

Second, thanks for sharing updates about this kid in your program, '14.  I've noticed you've posted about him before and about other things happening in your coaching career.  Keep developing kids, encouraging them academically, and spreading the good word about our program.


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Michigan is obviously in a great position recruiting wise at back. Nebraska and Florida have been calling this week. I just want to get him a look. He is a stud with great character and drive. Could really develop into a starting BCS back imho.


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Its Karan. Hes a great kid and im just trying to expose him to football that I know and trust. Ive camped him at FSU where I played and hes done well. I would love to camp him at Michigan. I just want him to get the full gambit of whats out there and Michigan is just a special place that I will always push to any kid I feel talented enough to play there. FSU is obviously a special place to me but the fact that ive never waivered in my love for Michigan despite playing for a power program in FSU stands out to him and makes him want to see whats behind the tradition history and lore of Michigan football. Doesnt hurt that Karan is friends with George Campbell ealso lol. Thanks fellas and Ill share his next premium highlight with you all once I make it!


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I was lucky enough to play for coach Bowden and be there for the torch passing unto Jimbo. Great times! Never cracked better than second string at corner and safety and got all my burn on special teams. Great experience overall and I can tell you that despite the negative perception. ..FSU is an outstanding school and athletic environment. Im blessed to be a an FSU football alum and genuine Michigan fan!