Kalon Gervin to ND

Submitted by WoodleyIsBeast on February 13th, 2017 at 9:03 AM

One of Michigan's best in the 2018 class is off the board.....for the time being.




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Not sure about the others on the in-state list, but I saw Hutchinson play last year.  He's good, but I'm not sure his offer isn't more of the legacy type than anything else.  

To be fair, I only saw one game.  Didn't seem like a 3*-4* type that should've been dominating the kids across the line from him, many of whom won't even get a MAC offer, let alone many D3 offers.  

Hope I'm wrong.


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It's hard for me to say. I tend to follow Michigan targets and then players within the State of Michigan. So as for the midwest (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, etc.), I don't have a great grasp on what kind of talent is out there, aside from a relatively small group of kids.

In the State of Michigan itself, I think it's a down year. I've looked at film of the top 25-30 kids in the state, at least, and I'm not seeing a lot of difference-makers.


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Magnus - DID M have an offer out to Gervin? Is he a "difference-maker" in your opinion?

Odd to have a Cass kid go to a floundering program so early in the process, isn't it? Is there a connec there that hasn't been revealed before in this site projecting him into our '18 class?


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Yes, Michigan had offered Gervin.

I think Gervin is the #2 player in the state, but I don't see him as a difference-maker. He's a solid prospect, but there are plenty of others out there who can make similar contributions, IMO.

It's a little odd to have him go to Notre Dame so early in the process, but Michigan wasn't pursuing him very hard.

I don't know of any significant connections between Gervin and Notre Dame, but he was high on them prior to getting the offer. He has a lot of other solid offers, but not the truly elite teams (Clemson, Alabama, etc.).


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Thanks as always for taking the time to answer questions, Further down someone says Gervin is tight with another ND commit Ovie (I'm not gonna butcher the last name, you know who I mean I'm sure)

I had wondered how hard the staff was pursuing him - or any in-state kids aside from Hutchinson?

And are you able to elaborate on why McCall may quit playing football? He is also projected in M's '18 class on this site...


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Ovie Oghoufo from Farmington Hills (MI) Harrison is the ND commit. I hadn't heard that they're tight (and didn't see it below), but that makes some sense.

To be honest, I don't think Michigan is recruiting anyone in the state very hard right now. I think there are bigger fish to fry. A lot of these kids are second-tier prospects. There are a couple 4-stars, but they're more in the 200-400 range than the guys like Ambry Thomas who are top-100 types.

I'm not willing to elaborate on the McCall thing, but we'll see. He's still getting offers and taking visits. I'm not saying anything is definitive, but there are some questions.


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That's pretty fair, compared to what I remember.  I remember he was pretty quick, like you said, in a straight line.  I don't remember a lot of shake or wiggle, though.  

I want to say I remember a strip/sack, but I'm not 100% sure.  I  know they got some pressure on him that he could've handled better.  

DC was definitely the better team that night.  Day was a big part of that.

Ronnie Kaye

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You fucking loser. Someone looks up facts that make your argument look flimsy and you resort to insulting them for it. I should mock up some drawings of how I view MGoPosters. I could put your comments next to the acne-ridden, cheesepuff-debri-through-braces spewing basement dweller aND that'd be pretty representative if nothing else.

Hope your day goes better.

I Like Burgers

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Who said I loved Notre Dame?  I just said they were essentially the same as Michigan in terms of being a "top program" which apparently most of you disagree with.  

Michigan fans like to think of the Wolverines like they are a top 10 or top 5 program, but when it comes to winning and losing games (the things that actually matter), they've been more of a fringe top 25 team for the last two decades -- the time frame that actually matters to the kids they are recruiting.

I've done the research on this for a project for work, and their 64.2% winning percentange from 1996-2016 ranks 22nd.  Right below Iowa, tied with BYU, and one spot better than Nebraska. Ohio State is 2nd, Wisconsin is 9th, Penn State is 20th, Notre Dame is 28th, and MSU is 30th in case you're curious.

And there's no good way to look up recruits Michigan has flipped without spending some serious time.  Quickest way was to ask the board and the hivemind.


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Not sure why you're banging this drum so hard.  Going back to 2012 conveniently includes ND's fluky 12-1 season, while counting three of Hoke's years for us.  I don't think anyone is arguing that we were elite under Hoke; we wouldn't have fired him otherwise.  Nor does anyone (besides yourself, apparently) think that ND is elite now.  ND's own fans wouldn't argue that.