Kalis tells Meyer to back off

Submitted by MGoCooper on December 15th, 2011 at 4:53 PM

“Urban and the staff were recruiting me hard for a while but I have recently told them to back off some because I am firm with my commitment to Michigan,” Kalis said. “This trip just made me want to be at Michigan even sooner. I really got know some of my future teammates and my host Jack Miller showed me a great time.”




This should end any question about his commitment to Michigan. This kid is true blue, and will probably be the best guard at Michigan since Hutch. I get the feeling that he's starting to feed off the hatred that the Ohio fans give him, which is scary. I wouldn't want to give him any more motivation, because he's already a kid that can dominate in the trenches.



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With guys like him, a good RB can become a great RB. Look at Wisconsin, they put a big O-line in front of Rivals 4* (33 overall RB) Montee Ball and made him the best in the nation.


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The Big Ten isn't known for oversigning or the "recruit at any cost" game like the SEC is. I have a feeling that in very short order Bilema, Dantonio and Pelini will actually be helping Michigan's recruting in that they'll be telling recruits, "Urban Meyer is a damned liar. Do not listen to a word that man tells you."


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I was watching Recruiting Nation on ESPNU earlier today - and I should have known nothing good would come of it since it's ESPN - and the analysts there were actually defending oversigning saying it can be good for both parties [the program and the players being recruited (!!!)]  and the SEC practices in recruiting. The only one that talked some sense on the roundtable was a basketball recruiting analyst. It was embarrassing. I couldn't believe my ears.

Jon Benke

December 16th, 2011 at 12:28 AM ^

The kid is Michigan, so is Strobel.

I can see Urban sitting there, asking Fickell and his staff all about Michigan's Ohio commits, asking them -- all smug like, tell me about these guys...  And after Fickell and his staff rant and rave over how good they all are, Urban more than likely chuckled and thought; I'll get 'em to come home, you just watch.  Urban then quickly found out that Kalis, Strobel, Bolden, Wilson, Williams, etc ... they weren't going to budge!  Michigan was their final choice, and there isn't anything you can do, say, lie about .. that will break that bond that these recruits have made.  To be honest, all of this isn't even about Ohio kids anymore, it's about Missouri (pipkins), it's about California (maggs), it's about Iowa (darboh), it's about Utah (houma), it's about Tennessee (bars), it's about Kentucky (clark) ... it's not about Urban F'N Meyer ... this is about MICHIGAN for godsakes!