Kalis officially decommits from OSU

Submitted by Dreisbach1817 on June 21st, 2011 at 8:55 PM
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Five star tackle Kyle Kalis has decommitted from Ohio State. Story on Scout.com.
I'm excited more as a Michigan fan, than as an OSU hater.  These kids hate letting people down, and understandably so, so lets try to downplay the OSU aspect and cheer the potential of getting a 5*.  Clearly, this was a tough decision for Kyle.
Also see statement from Tom VH below.



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Epic Bunny! It has major Mgoblog meme potential. I chuckled every time I saw the pancake head but  now that it has RL potential.... Perhaps a bunny with a steak on its head would put fear into the hearts of our enemies. Or maybe it would be ironic :-P


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the SHIT that people pester TomVH with on twitter. It is ridiculous!!! Leave the damn guy alone if you don't have an insightful comment. 

Look at the very class PE teacher, z4willy, from NV: 

"your high if you think Kalis commits to michigan on saturday"


"your dicks sure are getting hard for a guy who hasn't even coached a game..."

it continues.. Seriously, I've been looking at Tom's twitter just to see the jackasses who ask the most irrelevant questions.  This post didn't really serve a purpose other than to point out that this z4willy fellow is an immense douche.


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Remember the threats on Ryan Hamby for dropping that pass against Texas in '05?  I know that's been a while ago but it's amazing how fast fans down here turn on people.  I've been hearing on local radio that Browns fans want Pryor on their team so they can throw batteries at him while he's on the bench!  That's pretty sad.


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but does anyone know why it seems he's getting mixed reviews from the recruiting sites? He's a four-star to both Rivals and ESPN, but Rivals is really high on him. They put him as the 4th best OT and 18th best prospect in the country. ESPN, on the other hand, doesn't even rank him the 18th best OT. They have him at 20th best OT and 140th best player overall.

Should we just chalk that up to ESPN's Texas-and-SEC-footprint bias (although I thought Ohio was known universally to have great players) or is there a reason for this disparity?

Regardless, the kid looks like a stud on film and I would love for him to commit this weekend. 


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  • 5-Star to Scout
  • #18 player in the country to Rivals
  • #52 player in the country to 247

ESPN is a minor outlier, but when the worst ranking he gets is still in the top 150... yeah, he good.


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and it seems like we are in great standing to land both, then you could put Kalis at guard because we'd already have Magnuson, Diamond, and Braden at tackle. Then you would have Stacey and Kalis at guard. Not to mention they might still try to land another OL like Olson or someone like that. I'd love to land 6 OL in this class considering we only took 4 the previous 2 years combined. Need more of those proverbial "lotto tickets" to cover for attrition, busts, ect.


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Could sell him on being the next Steve Hutchinson, Having some big road graders is always nice for your running game, and Kalis would be a great addition to an already impressive class of commits.



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n3t said...

OSU has a lot of negativity surrounding the program...... hopefully quiet days are ahead which will help us out. 1 avg year of recruiting does not hurt that bad

i agree with this 100% one year will not sink the ship i wish some of you would chill a little bit remember a year from now we will have a coach signed to a long term contract with this all behind us and selling kids on getting tosu back on track and being a part of something huge while scum will be coming off a 500 season and a loss to the osu's second string in november. do what the reo song says and "ride the storm out"


That's the ticket!  An REO Speedwagon cassette crammed into a tape deck of a 1990 Bronco, just like Kenny Powers listening to inspirational tapes by Kenny Powers.