Kalis interview about why he decommitted from Ohio

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There have been rumors circulating about Kalis visiting Ohio soon, which are now proven to be untrue. Mike Farrell of rivals tweeted that Kalis has told Urban to stop calling him and Rivals has a free article about his choice to come to Michigan. The best quotes were: "I was immature and impulsive when I first committed to Ohio State," Kalis said. "I was so excited to get the offer and my family is all Ohio State fans, so I thought I was making the right decision at the time." and "I grew up a lot since then," he said. "I went up to Michigan with my dad and felt like it was right for me, and I really didn't feel that same love for Ohio State that my family does and I once did." http://footballrecruiting.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1313475



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"My family and I talked about it," he said. "My dad wanted to prepare me for the backlash and the repercussions of my choice."

His family sounds like rational Ohio State fans who communicated well with their son. Seeing this strength in families makes me proud and happy.


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Ohio is the guy at the bar who wants to show you how awesome he is by telling you what a d*ck  you are for not believing how awesome he is.

I am very excited that we'll have Kalis on our O-line. You made the right decision, Kyle. 


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Immature and impulsive.  That sounds about right for lots of OSU players...and coaches...and administrators.  

I'm glad he got over that phase.


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"he gone learn what a bad choose he made."

Gadsden State Community College (per the guy's comment) does a wonderful job emphasizing the importance of clear and concise communication. 

Yeah, awesome showing by Auburn fans. One of them does  issue a sharp remprimand, however....

'Don't be a dutch man, he is a kid.'

I am sure he means no offense to Americans whose ancestors hail from the ol' Koninkrijk der Nederlanden. 


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Urban Meyer's recruiting strategy apparently involves mimicking the behavior of a bipolar ex-girlfriend. Which can be understandably exciting in the short term, but it kind of sucks when she decides to burn your house down.


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I think Meyer could be compared to e-mail spammers. Detestable, but very effective when the cost:benefit ratio is considered. For every several hits/pings/whatever with supposedly committed recruits, he probably gets a handful of wins.


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That's gotta blow. That was his childhood favorite and now he's being harassed by them. Even though we know they are the bad guys, this couldn't have been easy. Getting to Ann Arbor will be especially good for him, since at least he won't have to hear their garbage (at least not in person anyway).

True Blue Grit

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about Kalis visiting TSIO.  Of course, they were probably started by disgruntled, childish OSU fans. 

Sounds like Meyer often crosses the line between being a hard recruiter and being an obnoxious dick.  I can't see any other reason to keep calling a recruit who has told him emphatically that he's not interested.