Kalis: "I wish I could have had (Drevno as a coach) longer"

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"The big thing for me is having coach Drev as my coach. I can't stress (it enough). Coach Drev has helped me so much," he says. "I credit it all to him. The way he's coaching me ... I wish I could have had him longer. I'll say that.

"I wish I could have had him longer."

There are some other interesting quotes from him too, he's always a pretty good interview.

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I just looked up Funk's bio to see how we could have missed so badly there. First thing it says on his Mgoblue bio is that he coached the Big Ten Offensive Lineman of the Year in his first three years at Michigan: Molk (2011), Lewan (2012), and Lewan (2013), which sounds impressive until you realize his 2013 O-line was really bad, despite having two excellent NFL tackles in Lewan and Schofield. Yes, I know this has been lamented around here a while so sorry for bringing up old wounds.

I was more curious about his experience before UM and found that he was with Hoke in 2008 at Ball State and 09-10 at SDSU, both of which were good teams, but mostly passing teams and were best at pass pro (top ten in sacks allowed in '08 and '10).

The guy just couldn't (can't?) coach interior linemen, I guess.


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That's the sound of a man who knows he hasn't reached his potential.

I wish so too, Mr. Kalis. But with one good year, Kalis is an NFL-shaped OL who just had a good year. Careers are made on such opportunities.


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By his own admission in that interview, he hasn't reached his goals. 

This quote gives me hope he'll make a big step forward. He's a fifth year senior, but he might only be a second year OL with quality coaching, certainly only second year in an offensive scheme. I think people are pretty pessimistic on him based on his past performance, but I don't think that's really fair. OL takes a long time to develop. Ideally, you don't even start until you're a senior anyway, but with him we got to see all the growing pains on the field that are normally made in practice apprenticing behind a seasoned veteran. 


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The largely inept coaching that Hoke brought to the table is his biggest sin.  It's one thing to lose games, quite another to have careers at the next level not come to fruition, and that is the price many of these players will pay for a bad coaching mistake.  I really feel for players like Gardner who came here with such potential and ended up being a punching bag because of Hoke's inept hiring of coaches, Mattison being the exception,


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I just discovered that Darrell Funk is now the OL coach at Purdue.  I expect their OL play to be a disaster (not that it was probably going to be all that great anyway.


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Now that Harbaugh is indeed here, I ask this question once in a while - I mean, it's difficult to answer specifically of course, but you'd have to think that being nearly five years into the plan, if you will, would hopefully mean we were favorites in the conference and in the NC discussion on a yearly basis now, or at least that would be my hope if such a scenario had unfolded. 


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There is a tradeoff in that scenario. Had we hired Harbaugh in 2011 he wouldn't have had his impressive NFL run on his resume. While he would obviously still be an excellent coach you gotta believe that experience made him an even better coach schematically, strategically, experientially, and in his connections with NFL coaching circles.

Additionally, part of his current cache and appeal to recruits is his NFL cred:  3 NFC championship and a Superbowl appearance.  He'd also be somewhat less of the celebrity he is today for better or for worse (I think it's for better).   I certainly agree with your point, but perhaps it all worked out better this way despite the pain of 2011 - 2015

Gotta get through hell before you get to heaven..and whatnot.


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I've thought about this quite a bit. He would be coming in with much less hype, and nowhere near the universal support he enjoys now. People forget how bitter some of the fanbase were about his academics comments. It's not inconceivable that given the roster issues he would have inheritted that he may have stumbled in 2012-13 as well and been on the hot seat. He just as likely would have butted heads with Brandon and decided to leave on his own. 

As much as I think he would have put the program in a better position today had he come in earlier, I think the conditions for a long, successful run at Michigan for Harbaugh weren't truly met until we went through the 2014 drama. 


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If Harbaugh had been hired in 2011, he would be gone to the NFL by now.

We are much better off this way, as far as keeping Harbaugh around is concerned. He had to at least try it (the NFL, Super Bowl).  Hopefully he has gotten that out of his system, is happy in Ann Arbor, and will stick around for multiple B1G and National Championships.

Ty Butterfield

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Harbaugh would have stayed 3 or 4 years and then left for the NFL. Harbaugh and Brandon would have clashed and there would have been a power struggle that ended badly. It may have ended up being worse for the program overall if Harbaugh only stays a few years and leaves because of the athletic director. That said Harbaugh needs to fully right the ship and win on October 29th.


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Dave Brandon would have chased Harbaugh away. No way those two would have gotten along. And Harbaugh's football team would have been good enough to potentially save Dave Brandon's job as well. Not entirely positive about that second comment, but it is possible - at least would have prolonged it. Either way, Harbaugh's period of time in Michigan was increased by the exit of Dave Brandon.

I'm fine the way things turned out as I think it will be better for the future of Michigan football. And Michigan in general.


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I'm going to defend Funk on this one. At San Diego State, Funk had a good thing going. Winning team with talent, good recruiting base, lesser competition, loyal head coach, good coaching staff (for that level). All of a sudden your boss, the guy who provided that opportunity and culture, moves accross the country for a new job. Funk now has to decide whether to risk staying at San Diego State with a new boss, go onto the job hunt, or follow his boss to a better school with a much much higher salary. How could anyone turn that down?