Kalis banged up in Gahanna scrim?

Submitted by swaglikeM on August 12th, 2011 at 11:58 AM

A user on a paid site reporting Kalis was carted off the field at his scrim in Gahanna.  Currently sitting on bench with ice on his knee with crutches.  Possibly not that serious if he isnt at the hospital...dont panic...dont panic....



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I live in cleveland for the summer.  Just talked to two players at St. Edwards who are the FB and TE lined up with Kalis and they said he's doing fine.  Never better actually.  They said this is not a true statement and that he did have a bone bruise the other day that was painful but not serious.  This however is completely false.  


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While this may or may not affect him into his Michigan career, any semi-serious injury could royally screw up his senior season. And that would suck for for Kyle.

That said, let's wait and see what happens.  For all we know right now, his leg might have fallen off at the hip, or he might have tweaked an ankle.

Nosce Te Ipsum

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Reports are that he was carted off the field and had his knee wrapped in ice. He was later seen on crutches. It's unfortunate that the jewel of the class is hurt. We'll see how severe it is later, though.


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St. Eds is there today according to Gahanna's football schedule.  I wonder why they would drive 3 hours to scrimmage in Columbus (I refuse to say scrim, that sounds like a skin disorder).  I'm sure it will amount to nothing though.  Kalis sounds like a tough kid and I'm sure he can work through injury.  I'm sure he'll run into worse in the B1G.


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I imagine St. Eds doesn't want to risk scrimmaging any team they could face before the state finals.Glenville, Ignatius and Y'town Mooney are scheduled opponents. Mentor, Mentor Lake Catholic, Massilon, McKinley, Glen Oak, Brunswick, Warren Harding and Solon are potential playoff foes. No one else in the area would probably be formidable competition.

Picktown GoBlue

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at least for the last two years that I know of, that St. Ed's comes down to scrimmage Gahanna Lincoln.  Know a player (JV last year, not sure if varsity this year or not) and he was amazed at how much bigger St. Ed's line was compared to Gahanna - last year, St. Ed's seemed to be taking care of Gahanna pretty easily.  Here's hoping for quick recovery.


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Well,  that ruins my weekend.  Now I'll be checking mgoblog every hour to see if there is any news on his injury.

/please be OK

/this is all Buckeye fans fault, wishing him an injury



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Kalis said via text that he just tweaked his knee, his teammate Tyler Orlosky rolled up on him while he was driving his guy. He said he'll be back in a few days.


August 13th, 2011 at 10:35 AM ^

Per Kalis's Facebook he dislocated his knee cap and should return in a week or so. Hopefully this won't turn into a recurring problem as it sometimes does or result in a cartilage injury.