Kaleb Ringer No Longer on Team?

Submitted by Every Roh Has … on May 6th, 2013 at 2:55 PM

Kaleb Ringer's twitter has undergone some changes recently. Most notably, in his twitter bio it says "FSU Football" rather than UM. Also, his handle is "@Ring_RingFSU", whereas it used to have UM in it. I'm assuming the FSU means Ferris State, since there was a picture of the Ferris State bulldog logo on his twitter as well. Any confirmation to this?



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I havent't heard anything, but I also don't following recruiting as close as I should. Doesn't his brother (or close relative of sorts) play for Ferris?


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It was generally a gut feeling. I just didn't think he was a guy who would stick around if he had to watch from the sideline, and the other guys in his class/position (Ross, Bolden, Morgan, etc.) made that a pretty strong likelihood.


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Seems a bit early to throw the towel in. I would rather wait until I was a RS Jr or Sr to play at Michigan than at Ferris State instantly. In the end, I think both parties get wha they want. We get to fill the spot with some one who wants to be here and he gets his PT.


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I don't know that the reason for his departure has been made public.  Perhaps it was up to Ringer...perhaps he was encouraged to go by the coaches.  I'm not saying this is what happened here, but Kellen Jones disappeared by the end of August camp in 2011 with no given reason.  Later we found out that there were some legal things going on.

Again, I'm NOT saying that Ringer was involved in any kind of legal issues, but sometimes these things are mutual...sometimes one party has a good reason to cut ties with the other.


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A quick search on mgoblue.com shows he's still on the roster not to mention he participated in spring ball.  Checked umich.edu for student directory he looked to still be there as well.



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The roster and the directory probably wouldn't be up-to-date. We probably won't get an updated version of the roster until fall practice starts. He might have felt like he was falling behind with all of the competition at LB after the spring, so I'd say nothing listed here is evidence that he hasn't left.


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I see exactly what you are talking about here. This does appear to be him and not his brother. Wish him the best at Ferris State.


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Yet another reason I'm not on Twitter (this and I'm 100 years old).  Whatever is going on, I hope it works out for the young man.


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it seems suspicious and ocham's razor and all that.

although reading his past tweets - what the hell is the point of all of this? i am so crotchety, i just don't get why i would want to share my views on fast food or romance with 1000 people. news, sports, entertainment, i can see, but you blabbing about yourself?


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start tweeting/facebooking/instagram-ing your own random stream of consciousness to friends, family, and strangers to be preserved forever by Google's server farms, and for Twitter to sooner-or-later figure out how to datamine your tweets and sell that to marketing companies for even more intrusive, targeted ads?

Apparently what the new, younger Romans are doing.

Old farts like me will continue to wonder why the hell my phone keeps making noises whenever one of my Facebook contacts updates something on their page.


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I might be wrong, but it has seemed odd to me that Michigan offered a bunch of SAM prospects for 2014...and suddenly, not too long ago, they offered Kyron Watson.  Either Michigan plans to take a third linebacker (perhaps Watson and Winovich?) or they wouldn't mind taking a MIKE prospect like Watson and moving Michael Ferns to SAM.  In my opinion, Ferns could play either spot.


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I think this is a key time to withhold judgement until we hear something more definitive.  Maybe he's just giving his brother a shout out.  Maybe he lost a bet.  Maybe he's messing with obsessive blog-reading fans. Maybe he just wanted a new look (Michigan is also included in the background).  Or maybe he's on the move.  A few tweets from other Michigan players that don't hint at big news.

Let's just take a deep breath.


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If he's indeed leaving, whats with all the twitter chatter/changes concerning the FSU in his handle, and the 'on my way' thing he tweeted? Why not just pay respects and just exit, rather than shoot all of that out? Just curious, good luck to him I was excited about his arrival when he commited. 


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I'd say it's because he's frustrated that he couldn't make the kind of impact that he wanted to at U of M.  Coming in behind some of the beasts we have at LB have made the road a bit tougher than he might've expected.  And looking down the barrel of the gun "no playing time" - he's acting out in any way he can to try and "shake the tree" so to speak.

It is what it is.  If I was 19, the king of my HS and then went to U of M with dreams of making it big and then realized I couldn't - I'd probably be a bit pissy too.  Not to justify what he's doing per se, but I can kind of get it.

That's your indepth, teenage, psychoanalysis for the day.  I'll send my invoice in the mail.  Good evening, and Go Blue.


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From an MLive article:

A program spokesman confirmed late Monday that Ringer has in fact left the team. The team doesn't usually comment on the nature of departures, and hasn't here.