Kaleb Ringer: Injured and not kicked off the team

Submitted by Maizedout1982 on October 22nd, 2011 at 2:28 PM


The rumors are not true #wolverinenation, my absence on the field is due to injuries that i wasnt public about! Dont worry... #goblue

#Michigan commit sets the record straight -- Injured Ringer Supports Team from Sideline



Free Scout link that tells us what is up with Kaleb





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This is a relief. I am glad that the off-the-field-issues-to-Oklahoma pipeline will not continue. Hope you are doing well Ringer, and don't rush back from injury too quickly. 

State Street

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Pretty ironic that when the Kellen Jones rumors first came out, the mods were quick to wipe any threads or posts on the topic off the boards.  When these vague, seemingly poorly sourced rumors about Ringer started to fly, all was well and discussion was open.  Swing and a miss.


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Not calling out Brian, but just answering your question. The mods were not going to delete Brian's post. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, even Brian, and to be fair even he did not say he knew for sure. He just said he had heard this. Still, you should not blame the mods in this case.


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Just messaged Kaleb, and he had this to say (goes right in line with what he told Sam Webb): "Yeah, I've been hurt since week 6...I strained my MCL. Because I am leaving midway this school year, my coach, my family, and the team doctor decided to hold me out for the rest of the season. Mainly because were (3-6) at the moment so we wouldn't be competing for any league championships or playoffs. And I don't want to further my injuries on some bullcrap. I'm just rehabbing it and getting ready to leave in December."

Unless Ringer isn't being honest—and I have no reason to believe that's the case—he should be ready to go in Ann Arbor for spring practice.


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with the other thread staying up, it's on record and it's almost like trying to cover up the mistake.  And due to the level of anti-rumor-mongering this site has, I would think Brian had strong reason to believe the source on this one.

HOWEVA, it would seem appropriate for the blog to acknowledge the error since it basically came from the blog leadership.  The excuse of "I never said the rumor was true, it was just a reliable source" slips very quickly into bleacherreport territory.  You can split hairs and say it was Brian with his commenter cap on instead of Brian the responsible journalist, but that seems awfully disingenuous for a blogger who prides himself on being a reputable news provider.   Frankly I don't really know what the point of posting something on the board is, other than to try to break the news while still doing some CYA that it wasn't technically the blog reporting the rumor.

Reporters make mistakes, it's fine as long as you own up to them and they aren't so omnipresent that they become your reputation, which is not a concern here.



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If it's checked into and confirmed to be wrong, maybe it'd be worth taking 5 minutes away from watching football to post a retraction. It's not a 9-5 job. Breaking news would be front paged. Errors to the level of "thrown off the team" probably deserves a log in.


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Whatever the truth of the situation, Caleb with a C (Caleb Stacey) shouldn't get rumorized by association.  ("Klang, Klang, Klang Goes the Bell" was the best I could come up with in trying to figure out how to keep them straight.  Less of a stretch is that Caleb with a C also has a C in his last name.)


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I get that Brian may need to say whoops my bad but as the McGuffie rumors played out he learned to hold his tounge first and posts second so obvs this was from a source he felt good enough about posting.


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article about KR. I haven't done an exhaustive search, to be sure, but lack of smoke always makes me double-check if someone pulls the fire alarm.