Justin Turner Transferring AGAIN??

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There's a lot of chatter on the Rivals board that Justin Turner is transferring from WVU to Notre Dame...College of Ohio.


Maybe this kid just isn't cut out for big time competitive play and was overhyped. Probably immensely talented in high school, but obviously, there's more needed to excel in D-1 ball.




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Threet saw the writing on the wall and knew that he would be better off elsewhere and is now a starting QB in the kind of offense that suits his talent.  Let us not abuse him, for he did his best while here, left without any complaints, and moved on quietly. 

The fact that he did not bash any coaches or players or the University says a lot about him in my book........


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Threet transferred for entirely different reasons. He goes to GT, they get a new OC, and now they are running a triple option. Obviously doesn't fit him, so he transfers back home to AA to play in Michigan's pro style O. But we get a new coach who runs a read-option. He tries to stick it out for a year, but he and everyone else could see he didn't fit this offense so he transferred again. Threet doesn't transfer because he doesn't want to work, but because he keeps being at the wrong school at the wrong time for his skill set.


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Threet transferred from GT when Gailey was still the head coach. Well before Paul Johnson was hired in Atlanta. The season he sat out at Michigan, Chan Gailey was the head coach at GT and PJ at Navy. He didnt transfer in response to PJ coming in and running the triple option


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This was a major defection (or so we thought) a couple months ago and caused a big uproar amongst the fan base and added fuel to the fire of RR's detractors. Seeing that he can't even make it at a new program after only a few months only serves to prove the detractors wrong. Something that will be further shown once we pummel Wisco & School down south.


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i am a little bent about the attrition from our secondary.  as i recall it was his work ethic that was lacking and consequentially, and rightfully, he was not getting his shot on the field.  i wish JT the best of luck, but clearly he was not a Michigan man. 

my "shot" was a mild one and amongst us on this board.  i am not going after JT personally or trying to railroad him or his career in any way. 

i applaud RR's consistent stance on how non-Michigan football players are handled and was simply echoing that stance by saying JT himself was OT.  clearly that was not agreed to by the rest of us on this board.  and that is fine, but please do not think I am going after a college student in any personal manner.

david from wyoming

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What exactly do you mean when you toss around the term "Michigan Man" then? Hard working? Dedicated? An upright citizen? By saying someone is NOT a Michigan Man, aren't you then calling him lazy, uncommitted and not a quality person?

Turner is still a kid. It's okay to not have your life sorted out perfectly when you are 20 or so. Maybe I tend to get to defensive about topics like this, but him leaving the football team was a personal choice and I'm okay with it.


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to me a Michigan Man is a football player who stays the course, works hard for the team and does or does not see the field, but it comes down to two things, work hard and get your degree.  obviously there are coaches and support staff that can be a MM, again by setting a goal, working hard and staying the course. 

David i am not trying to challenge you, and it is up to you if you want to infer what i mean by Michigan Man, but that is it, work hard and stay the course for Michigan and get your degree.  I agree with you that these are kids and kids have a right to change their minds.


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come to think of it James Rogers is a good example.  In this weeks press conference he was asked if he expected to see the field, or even start this year.  He said that he was just there to do what was needed for the team.  Until Troy got hurt he wasn't going to see the field too much, but he worked hard and stayed the course.  He bounced around positions where the coaches needed him.  He said this week that no matter if he played or not he was going to get his Michigan degree.  That is a great example of a Michigan Man...


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If the question marks between "Hard working", "Dedicated", and "An upright citzen" were meant as logical ORs, then saying someone is NOT a Michigan Man means exactly as you said it. If they were meant as logic ANDs, then saying he is NOT a Michigan Man means he only needed to be one of the negative things you listed.


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For Boren I would say he deserves all criticism he gets. To quit in your third year to play for a sworn enemy and brag about it in the press is not the act of a confused waif. As for Mallet, he wanted to be a pro style QB, not in the spread. He probably made the correct decision for him. Though we could have found a scheme for him, he is doing quite well at Arkansas in a pro scheme.

Section 1

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I don't understand what its going on.  But this story is another reminder, just like Sam McGuffie, that these kids are human beings.  They are not videogame avatars, and they aren't webpages from Rivals.com.  They are complicated people, and when you get 105 of them together, with a new class coming and going every year, sometimes things just don't work out as expected.  All the same, there is surely much more to this story and I'd be interested to find out what it was that caused us to lose a 5-star DB.  We never heard, at least not from mainstream media sources, about 98% of the Justin Boren, Zach Boren and Ryan Mallett stories.  I am not claiming that there are any tabloid-type stories.  I expect that there are none of those.  I'd just like a little more detail and insight.  A pity, isn't it, that instead of digging up dirt on coaches and imaginary NCAA violations, that our local beat writers covering Michigan football can't do a story like that?


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Easy there, hoss.  Where does he mention The Freep in that post?  It's clearly implied, but I think his general point is more important.

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To answer Section 1's questions, Mallet was run out of town by RichRod, Justin B. was disappointed by the lack of Family Values, and Zach B. was criminally underrated by RichRod and his staff of buffoons.  There!


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RR did not run Ryan out of town.  He just said no to handing him the starting QB position.  Ryan felt he had earned it already.  That is all!


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His Dudeness

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Rich Rodriguez and his poor coaching entered this poor young boy like a virus and ruined his ability to play the game. Poor foundation and  family values leads to failure. Fire RR.


Honest Theory: Kid might not be that interested in playing football... no big surprise.