Justin Turner Out

Submitted by Eric on August 11th, 2010 at 12:41 PM

Justin turner was granted his release from the university of Michigan. This is from a text sent to me by Rivals.com



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It almost certainly won't happen.  The Big 10 has a rule preventing a transfer from one Big 10 school to another and receiving an athletic scholarship from the second school...  Justin Boren is not on scholarship at OSU. 


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go ahead neg bomb me. I dont care. I fail to care about a scout team player, which is where he played at the end of last season. hell I trust all of the true frosh more than JT. You people need to wake up and realize JT's should have never been a 5 star. His attitude should have alone substracted 4 starts. he was a cancer in the locker room. He showed up last season out of shape and this season he showed up out of shape even more. He obviously didin't want to be here. He basically was dead weight. In my world you are either part of the solution or the problem. Good riddance. We can buy another tackling dummy. At least we don't have to pay tuition for those.


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True frosh are better than a RS soph who takes off plays and refuses to put into the work that is reqiured to remain on the team. Notice how our secondary got better once Floyd started over JT.

Most upperclassman have seen their time on the scout team throughout their careers.

Really? Have any examples of starters who showed up to camp fat and refused to put in the work. I'll give you one. Gabe Watson.


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True frosh are better than a RS soph who takes off plays and refuses to put into the work that is reqiured to remain on the team. Notice how our secondary got better once Floyd started over JT.

Do you even know who you are ranting about, or are you just spouting random crap?  Turner was a RS freshman that has never been on the field, let alone taken plays off or improved the secondary by being replaced as a starter.

Litt1e Rhino

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This is one of the dumbest comments I've ever seen in this board. You want true freshmen to start for us? Look how that has worked the past two seasons. Everyone has to pay their dues and put in the work. Most upperclassman have seen their time on the scout team throughout their careers. True freshmen are not what we need on the field.


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I didn't say it was the best case scenario. Hoiwever, it is better than playing a player that takes plays off, refuses to put in the work. I would love to have upperclassmen at the position with the stipulation they put on the work. With JT's play and practice attitude he should have never touched the field. The coaches saw this and put him on the scout team to change his attitude. It didn't work. No loss here.


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why we are still heavily recruiting so many DB's for next year.  Maybe RR knew this was coming.  Ya gotta trim the fat to make room for the meat.  Crap.  Now I'm hungry. 


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Look - As recently as yesterday, no one predicted Turner to start this year.  At any position.  Might he have helped with depth or special teams?  Sure, but this has very little affect on 2010.  Very little.  We were hopeful for his future with the team, but that was going to be down the road a bit, we already knew that.

My .02 on the people telling him "Good luck" or "fuck that, don't tell him good luck."  We don't know the full story behind this transfer yet.  If it truly was that he was just lazy, didn't go to enough work outs because he thought he was a stud and now is pussing out because he's behind everyone, then yeah, he could probably go fuck himself and I'd be OK with it.  But we don't know if that's the case, so let's hold out on those comments.  As far as wishing kids who leave our program "good luck," I think that's reserved for kids who leave for reasons such as "they just weren't good enough despite trying hard" or "got homesick because of family reasons" or something like that.   If a kid comes to UM, doesn't work hard and leaves because he's not getting the respect he thinks he deserves, than I'm OK with you leaving, but no good luck there.  Sorry if that's too harsh for some of you.

The thing I find strange about this situation - why transfer 2 days into practice?  Why not transfer a month before practice starts, then at least you can start training camp at your new destination.  Why wait this long?  I'm not sure Justin Turner even has his own best interests in mind when making his decisions, let alone UM's.  I have a feeling there is something to this that we don't yet know.


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Could not agree with you more - every word you wrote.  Especially agree on all the "good lucks" and "best wishes".  If they don't want to be here I'm not spending another minute thinking about them.

I'm supporting the guys playing for Michigan.


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But speculation is cathartic when faced with the unknown.  Agree with your comments: many CB conversations on this board over the offseason either discounted him entirely, or assumed a move to safety

Why 2 days in?  It could be as simple as he was lit up by RR for being out of shape, had a horrible 2 days of practice, and he let it get to him.  Snap decision.  When you're older, you know those typically don't work out.  Not so at twenty


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Grades could be an issue here - I'm not saying an issue like they could be for Mike Shaw - but I remember Turner having a hard time qualifying.

There is likely much more going on behind the scenes here (as WolvinLA mentioned - why transfer two days into practice?).

But, because of timing issue, I'm thinking grades have something to do with it. 


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sounding off Tornado warning sirens until we actually see a tornado?  But I thought they were supposed to help us incase there was a "high probability" a tornado could occur? 

Give the guy some credit.  He gave us some early inside info that sounded pretty unbelievable at the time, but turned out to be true....


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How is asking about what someone read on another MB yelling fire? I thought the poster was pretty tranparent in his lack of verification, and was actually asking for it in the thread? It's one thing to troll post rumor/gossip but come on.


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Are we going to be as Pro JT as we were Dorsey?  Personally - I look at them both as being highly talented and putting in the required work to make it.  Weight Room or Class Room, this is Michigan we're talking about.

Best of Luck to both, but that's as far as I go...


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I go to the dentist for ONE HOUR and this is what happens! Geez.

We have no idea whether Turner was going to turn into the manbeast he was hyped to be, but it absolutely sucks that we won't find out.